‘Like countless others, I’ve had an inherent fear of dentists since childhood, but Neil reassured me and put my mind at rest. He explained all of the options available to me in a way that I could really understand – what each procedure would entail, how much it would cost, what results I could expect, and what discomfort I’d experience, if any. And that made me feel very comfortable with the whole process.
I decided to go ahead with a session of Zoom whitening, which Neil explained was the number one whitening treatment in America – land of the perfect smile! The treatment was totally painless and took just over an hour. All I had to do was relax. I even got to watch a film on a pair of specially designed goggles.

‘The results were fantastic – after this initial procedure, I could instantly see a difference in the colour of my natural teeth which I maintained at home by using a special whitening gel in a custom made dental tray. Neil told me to use the gel every day for the first two weeks after my treatment, and then only to use it when I felt it was necessary.
‘I had two more appointments with Neil – in order for him to prepare and fit a replacement bridge. This done, I now have a natural and healthy looking smile that I am absolutely delighted with. And I have more confidence than ever before!’

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