Clifton Dental Studio Fee Guide

 Fillings  from £147 per tooth
 Extractions  £167 per tooth
 Dental hygienist  £145 for initial appointment
£125 for maintenance appointments
 Consultation for cosmetic treatment  £195
 Consultation for teeth straightening  £95
 Cosmetic bonding  from £380 per tooth
 Composite veneers  £790 per tooth
 Porcelain veneers  £1,190 per tooth
 Porcelain crowns  £1,190 per tooth
 Porcelain Bridge  £1,190 per unit
 Porcelain onlay / inlay  £1,190 per tooth
 Implants  £2,790 per implant
 Gum reshaping  from £1,300
 Gum Graft (for recession)  £1600 per area
 Endodontic treatment  from £690
 Brace treatment  from £2,100 – £6,900 depending on
orthodontic appliance
 Whitening Treatment  Professional tray whitening – £497
Instant power whitening – £797
 Top up whitening gel  £77
 Acrylic denture  from £1,200 per arch
 Chrome Denture  from £2,200 per arch
 Implant retained dentures (removable)  from £7,000
 Implant retained dentures (fixed)  from £16,000
 Tooth Contouring  from £89 per tooth
 Bonded Retainer  £187 per arch
 Removable Retainer  £97 per arch
 Sports Guard  from £97
 Botox  £310 3 areas
 Dermal Filler  from £320

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