90 minutes of brilliance with CEREC in Bath

Computers have changed every aspect of life, from what you do personally to big business, and it is hard to see how we lived life before them. Dentistry has improved immensely because of the computer and the treatments that are now offered to you have become so refined; the perfect example of this is CEREC. If you need to have a bridge, a crown or some veneers fitted, the treatment would normally take around 2-3 weeks to complete, but with CEREC, you can be in and out in around 90 glorious minutes! It works like this: you pop along to the dentists who will first take a series of images through digital x-rays and then relay them to a computer with the CEREC programme. This then designs your new fitting and feeds this into a machine that will make the part you need. In the meantime, this allows the dentist to prepare you. When the part is ready, it will be fitted into place. The beauty of this is that if there is a problem with your new part, it can be rectified in-house, there and then. For more advice about CEREC, the costs and where you can go in Bath to get it done, then get in contact with the Clifton dental studio of Bristol, as they serve the whole of the area.