Affordable teeth straightening with Inman aligner from Bristol dentist

Do you suffer from slightly misaligned teeth? If you do but think that braces are too much of a sacrifice to make those final few adjustments, then you may be interested to learn about the Inman aligner. This is an orthodontic aligner developed in the US at the tail end of the last millennium. The Inman aligner offers incredibly fast straightening results, with straighter teeth being noticeable in as little as six weeks. The other main advantage of the Inman aligner is that it is completely removable and involves no fixed brackets or wires.

The Inman aligner works by using a very powerful, coiled spring to manoeuvre teeth into the desired position. It is also very discreet with only a thin metal wire being visible across the front of the teeth. This makes it ideal for teenagers who may be sensitive about wearing very noticeable braces. They are also perfect for young professionals keen to make a good first impression with a winning smile but who wish to avoid the stigma of being a more mature person wearing metal braces. In fact, because the aligner works so quickly and effectively, they are also becoming very popular with brides-to-be, who want to do everything possible to look their best on their special day.

Many dentists use Inman aligners as a precursor to other cosmetic treatments. For example, the Inman is often used in tandem with teeth whitening procedures and can also be worn with veneers as part of a wider smile makeover. You may have seen this in action in one of the many TV makeovers shows that feature cosmetic dentistry. Bristol dentists offer the very affordable Inman aligner to patients keen to improve the appearance of their smile and avoid unseemly metal braces.

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