Ask your Gloucester dentist for more information on dentures

The pain of loosing a tooth or teeth is only made worse by the subsequent difficulties you may experience with eating, drinking and talking. If you have lost a number of teeth you may take on an older appearance as your cheeks begin to sag into the spaces left behind. The best way to deal with this is to get dentures fitted to replace the missing teeth. Ask your Gloucester dentist about dentures today as the problem is best dealt with sooner.

There are many reasons for tooth loss. You might have suffered an accident in a physical sport, had gum disease which ended with tooth loss or let your oral health regime slip to the point that a tooth fell out. Dentures can come as a complete set to replace all your teeth but partial dentures are available to replace a few which are missing. It is just as important to replace a few missing teeth as it is the whole set because your remaining teeth might begin to slip into the gaps.

Dentures come in removable and non-removable varieties. If you want your dentures to be permanent you might opt for dental implants or fixed bridges. Dentures are usually made from acrylic resins and are more comfortable and realistic looking than ever before. If you want greater flexibility in your dentures, the Valplast cosmetic variety are made from a more malleable material which offers more comfort.

If you are worried about your dentures slipping and making meal times and conversations more difficult, you could think about having mini-implants which allow your dentures to be fixed permanently to your mouth. They are relatively expensive but incredibly durable and practical. Otherwise dentures can be held by your gums’ natural section or by applying a fixing agent. Your dentures will need to be altered in the long term as your mouth changes but with the right care dentures can last many years.

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