Bath asks: Fluoride- good or bad?

There are some things in life that we take for granted and assume are good for us simply because the powers to be say that they are- and we rarely question them. But can we ever be really sure about what is being put into the products we consume daily? One of the biggest debates around right now in the world of dentistry is the use of fluoride in toothpastes and drinking water. Although it has be championed for a hundred or so years now for it’s ability to put minerals back into the enamel of your teeth and prevent tooth decay, not all is what it seems with fluoride. The increase in technology and understanding of how things work has rather cast a shadow on the necessity for it being used so freely, without question, in society on a daily basis. It does have a toxic angle to it: deposits of it have been found in the brain causing fluorosis and in the case of children, overdosing on fluoride can be fatal. Is it just PC gone wrong or are people right to be worried about its use; it is now banned unconditionally throughout Europe, so the jury here has a lot to deal with before passing sentence. If you want to know the facts about fluoride, then get in touch with the Clifton dental studio in Bristol as they can supply you with everything you need to know in Bath.