Bath dentist helps you to maintain best oral hygiene routine

Rates of tooth decay and gum disease are on the increase in the UK, which would seem to suggest that people are taking the health of their teeth for granted. Oral hygiene cannot be underestimated and the health and condition of your teeth could be extremely important. Not only will healthy teeth and gums look and feel healthy, making you look younger and healthier overall, but this will also help to prevent costly and painful dental conditions, tooth loss and even wider health problems such as heart disease.

Oral hygiene starts at home with efficient and thorough care of the teeth. This is best achieved with brushing and flossing. Obviously most people brush their teeth, but are they all doing it correctly and for the recommended amount of time? It is all too easy to be in a rush and give the teeth a quick brush and forgo the flossing, but just think, for the rest of that day bacteria and plaque are attacking the teeth and may be causing dental cavities, which could be the start of the infection. Three minutes is the recommended time, using the right brush and paste for your teeth and don’t forget to floss, as well as this you could use other tools such as inter-dental brushes and mouthwash, but it is always best to ask your dentist first.

These are fairly simple measures to avoid suffering from quite substantial conditions. Just a few minutes each day will help to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy and free from disease. Of course, you also need to remember to keep up your regular visits to your Bath dentist so that they can monitor your teeth and ensure there are no problems with your oral hygiene

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