Bath Dentist Says Root Canal Treatment Can Still Lead To Decay

A root canal treatment is a very complicated treatment during which a badly decayed tooth has its nerve removed and it is cleaned from within after which it is permanently sealed. A tooth that has undergone this treatment usually also gets a cap placed on it in order to protect it from further damage. This is an expensive and painful procedure because it involves touching a nerve.

Most people have the wrong impression regarding a root canal treatment. They believe that once a tooth has this treatment it cannot get decayed. According to a dentist in Bath, this wrong notion can cause people to neglect taking care of their teeth. This can lead to further dental problems with additional expenditure and discomfort.

A tooth that has been treated in this way is very susceptible to fracture since it has a tendency to become brittle over time. This tooth has had its blood supply cut off, which leaves it entirely without protection. A person who has had this treatment needs to take extra special care of his or her teeth because ironically, there will be no pain to indicate that the tooth has decayed further.

People who do not take care of their teeth properly due to ignorance about these facts can end up having the tooth extracted. It is thus very important to get regular dental checkups, with X-rays taken of the tooth to check for any hidden decay. Your local dentist will be able to advise you on the best preventive treatment possible.

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