Bath dentist straightens teeth with ultra-discreet Invisalign braces

Everyone is familiar with the rather unpleasant metallic smile associated with fixed metal braces used for orthodontic teeth straightening. Anybody of a certain age remembers the fear of having these metal train-track braces fitted and the teasing that almost inevitably accompanied them. Fortunately for today’s generation of teenagers and young adults, there are a range of more discreet straightening systems available on the market.

By far the most discreet however is the Invisalign system of clear plastic braces. Made from one millimetre thick see-through plastic, Invisalign braces are almost completely invisible to anyone not standing within a few feet of the patient’s teeth. The system works by using a series of clear retainer braces, worn for a period of roughly two weeks each, making small adjustments to the alignment of the patient’s teeth.

The aligners are also completely removable meaning the impact of the patient’s life is significantly reduced. For the first time there is a brace that fits around the patient’s lifestyle and not the other way round. The advantages of Invsalign over more conventional braces are clear for all to see, but there are differences when it comes to feeling as well. Because the braces involve no metal, there is no uncomfortable or irritating rubbing on the soft tissue of the mouth. When a new retainer is fitted there maybe some minor discomfort as the teeth adjust but this is common to all orthodontic treatments and very quickly wears off as the wearer becomes accustomed to the new brace.

Invisalign braces are available from Bath dentists who can give an estimation of cost and length of treatment, which may vary according to the degree of straightening required by the patient. With Invisalign presenting a genuine alternative to fixed metal braces there is no longer a need to fear orthodontic teeth straightening and no barrier to having the perfect smile.

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