Bath dentists battle against periodontal disease in patients and win

Gum disease is clinically known as periodontal disease and it encompasses the two main types of gum disease that are most common: gingivitis and periodontitis. Dentists are expert at treating these afflictions but they much prefer to prevent them before they occur. Gum disease is no trifling matter and, in the most grievous of cases, can lead to teeth being permanently lost.

Gums are very sensitive to plaque and the substance needs to be cleared away from gums with the same urgency that one removes it from teeth. The problem with plaque is that it causes gums to become inflamed and that is where the problems can start from. A basic inflammation of the gums is called gingivitis and it is pretty common in the United Kingdom. Indeed, it is thought that a significant number of people have suffered and are suffering from it without even knowing about.

The symptoms can be mild: a little sensitivity to hot and cold substances which are consumed, slight reddening and so on. But it is what comes afterwards that really must be avoided. Periodontitis is what happens when the inflammation takes hold and spreads to the bones which hold teeth in place. Teeth appear to lengthen in cases of periodontitis as the gums start to recede. It will probably be no surprise to note that tooth loss can then happen.

Your Bath dentist can help you stop gum disease before it even starts. By making sure you brush and floss twice a day you should be ensuring that plaque is removed before it can cause problems for your gums. Ask for advice about what is the best way to do this.