Bath dentists now offering amazing Invisalign see-through braces

For many people the idea of wearing metal braces is a frightening prospect. Having a smile covered in metal wires and brackets can lead to feelings of embarrassment about smiling and awkwardness in social situations. In the past there was no other option to correct a crooked smile but now a brace that is virtually invisible is available from Bath dentists.

The Invisalign product has come to be known as the ‘see through’ or ‘invisible’ brace because they are so hard to see, even from close up. Invisaligns are made from a clear material which moves your teeth in the same way as metal braces. They are crafted using cutting edge computer software and the power of 3D images which allows them to fit perfectly to your unique mouth.

Invisalign braces must be worn for twenty two hours a day but they are completely removable so that you can eat in comfort. Cleaning the Invisalign outside of your mouth is a huge improvement on traditional metal braces which would often trap food and be very difficult to effectively clean. Unlike traditional braces which would have to be adjusted, at regular meetings with your dentist you will be provided with a new Invisalign brace once your teeth have been sufficiently adjusted by the last one. In this way they are far more comfortable than traditional braces with their elastic bands and wires.

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