Beautiful smile fast with Six-Month Smile braces from Bristol dentist

One of the most exciting developments in orthodontic straightening in the last ten years has been the Six-Month Smile treatment. Offering straighter teeth in an incredible, and you’ve guessed it, six-months. This is a reduction of nearly 75 per cent on the average straightening time for more conventional straightening methods. The Six-Month Smile system also promises reduced levels of discomfort throughout the treatment, a major complaint from other brace wearers.

Six-Month Smile braces are able to achieve these incredible results by focusing more directly on teeth that can be seen when smiling. By using nickel-titanium wires, the brace repositions overcrowded and misaligned teeth. Because of the more focussed approach Six-Month Smile braces are ideally more suitable for patients with minor straightening issues. Some patients may require extractions and temporary metal braces prior to using the Six-Month Smile brace. Alternatively, for patients only requiring the ‘finishing touches’ to their teeth straightening the brace is ideally suited.

The wires used in the braces are tooth coloured and very thin. This makes the braces very discreet. In fact they are hardly noticeable unless standing very close to the patient’s mouth. This makes them ideal for more mature and professional people eager to avoid the stigma attached to fixed metal braces. Six-Month Smile braces are also completely removable, meaning they can be taken out when eating and for important professional or social engagements.

The braces require a ten to fifteen minute appointment each month to tighten the wires. This is a more gradual tightening regime than other braces and is therefore a lot more comfortable. It also means that your Bristol dentist will be able to keep a close eye on the progress of your teeth throughout the straightening process.

If your teeth require the finishing touch straightening power of the Six-Month Smile treatment, make an appointment to see a Bristol dentist and you could achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

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