Better teeth with a Dental Bridge in Bath

Dental bridges have always been popular with the people, but as time has evolved and new techniques and materials have found their way into dental surgeries in Bath, the bridge has become more and more reliable with age and they have always been a great way to replace lost teeth. When you decide to opt for a bridge, your dentist will first take a mould and then consult with you about your best options before the fitting is made. If the new tooth has only another healthy single tooth to bond to, you will need a cantilever bridge which is bonded with wires and resins; as is the Maryland bridge which is bonded in the same way to two adjacent teeth. The other option is a fixed bridge; a tooth that is moulded between two crowns and cemented onto adjacent teeth and nowadays, made from a zirconium and ceramic mix for unbeatable strength. This can also be used where a few teeth have gone missing although to retain the strength over a longer distance, they should be used with a mini-implant for more rigidity. The only downside to a bridge is they can be very hard to clean at first so your dentist should show you how and supply you with special brushes. For further details on the dental bridge, get in contact with Clifton dental.