Bonding with your teeth in Bath

Fast and furious, a city like Bath can leave you with very little time to catch up with health issues, such as dental problems. But if things do go wrong with your teeth and you need a quick fix, then give Clifton Dental a call as they serve the area and can tell you all about the uniqueness of cosmetic bonding. This treatment is as fast and furious as the city and can cover over any blemishes in the mouth in at most, an hour. Layers of tooth-coloured resin will be coated over the affected areas until all of the flaws are covered up and when there is enough of it, the teeth will be shaped and then polished-up. This is a great way of putting a smile on your face again, and though it isn’t as durable as other treatments, it is very flexible and can be simply added to should it go wrong- unlike other treatments. It is cheaper than veneers and is done in a flash to get you up and running again.