Bracing for Braces in Bristol

Probably one of the most loathed of all dental treatments has to wear braces: years of ugly metal in your mouth where food gets stuck and goes bad if you can’t manage to clean it out properly, constant taunts from people making fun of your woe, on and on everyday- nothing but trouble. Well, it can be rough time and as annoying as this next comment is, it’s for your own good though. Truly, get this over and done with and you will have healthy mouth for the rest of your life. You should also remember that the dental world is on your side and have developed a whole range of braces and aligners to help ease your passing through these rough waters, discreetly and quickly. The new breed of fixed braces use discreet, hard-to-spot materials when manufactured, and although steeped in the traditions of those old ugly braces in the sense that they work efficiently, they work far more quickly. Clear aligners though are all of the rage at the moment and it’s no wonder really, who wouldn’t want to get their teeth straightened by something that is invisible in the mouth, that can be removed for certain occasions such as eating and cleaning, and works in a third of the time that some braces take. At completely the other end of the scale, though, for certain types of teeth that stick out at the front, there is an aligner that can straighten your teeth in as little as 6 weeks! So, not sounding so bad now after all is it? If you want to talk to someone about braces, Clifton Dental of Bristol is all ears and can find the right brace or aligner for you.