Brighten smile with Enlighten teeth whitening from Bath dentist

As we age our teeth become more susceptible to staining and discolouration. Tooth whitening is a process that aims to reverse the process of discolouration and combat staining without the need for costly veneers or other restorations.

The tooth is made up of two distinct layers. At the top is the protective layer of tooth enamel. Underneath this is a layer of a very hard substance called dentin. When we eat certain foods and drink certain liquids these two layers can become stained. Foods particularly bad for staining teeth are red wine, coffee and tea. Smoking cigarettes is also very bad for the teeth leaving yellow stains.

It is possible to remove some stains of the surface of the enamel using ordinary cleaning techniques or by visiting a dental hygienist. However, if the discolouration penetrates to the dentin then it is very hard if not impossible to remove. This is when a tooth whitening procedure may be very useful to restore teeth to their original colour.

The process works by applying a bleaching agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, to the surface of the tooth. This is accomplished by using special trays that keep the active gel in contact with the tooth. The peroxide penetrates the tooth and targets stained areas, returning them to their white colour.

One of the most popular whitening treatments available from Bath dentists is called Enlighten. Enlighten has an excellent safety record, especially when applied by a dentist with all the necessary safety equipment. Using an enlighten product for a couple of hours each day especially prepared trays from your dentist could lighten the colour of your teeth by up to ten shades. Teeth whitening is a very effective and affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment that can produce stunning results. Ask your dentist for more information.

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