Bristol dentists advise how to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful

Having a perfect smile is important at any age but if you have children you are probably especially concerned about that of your child. Your teeth develop in childhood and it is particularly crucial that the mouth is looked after during the formative years. It is important that a good relationship is struck up with a dentist in these times so that your child’s mouth can be looked over regularly by a professional.

Eating too many sugary foods is bad for anyone’s mouth but children ought to be especially wary. Sweet snacks should be kept to a minimum and consumed only as a treat. The plaque which sugary foods produce can cause teeth to develop cavities and no-one wants their child to have to have a filling.

It is important that children get into the routine of effective brushing from an early age. As a parent you can help them with this by encouraging them and perhaps offering rewards when they successfully follow the routine. Just like adults, children ought to brush for about three minutes, usually in the morning and before sleep. It is important that they reach all areas of their mouth so that plaque is not allowed to take hold.

The mouths of children are rather sensitive so you might want to get your child a special tooth brush with softer bristles. Children can have a tendency to brush quite vigorously so softer bristles can ensure that they are not damaging their gums when they are engaged in their oral hygiene routine.

Get into the habit of taking your child to see your Bristol dentist and explain to them that it is a positive and worthwhile experience. Your dentist will have lots more handy hints to ensure that your child grows up with a healthy smile.