Bristol dentists help patients to beat dental decay once and for all

Having a set of healthy teeth is easily taken for granted but it is crucial in allowing us to do those everyday activities such as eating, drinking and talking without pain and discomfort. Your teeth are under constant threat from an acidic substance known as plaque which is formed when you eat certain foods which contain a lot of sugar or starch. Find out how to ensure that plaque does not cause your teeth to decay.

Teeth decay when plaque begins to erode the protective layer of enamel which coats them. This enamel is a tough substance but it cannot withstand prolonged exposure to embedded plaque and will begin to break down after a certain period. Greater sensitivity is the result as the nerves inside your teeth become exposed. These holes in your enamel will need to be filled up so that the tooth does not break down and become useless.

You can avoid suffering from dental decay in the first place by taking certain preventative steps. Choosing the right foods is crucial in this respect and you should limit the amount of sugary substances you consume. It can be helpful to brush your teeth after eating these types of food so that plaque cannot take hold.

In any case brushing should be done at least twice a day, usually first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Flossing ought to be carried out too because it removes plaque from between the teeth where brushing often cannot reach. Dentists in Bristol are a great source of advice and help if you are worried about the causes and the effects of dental decay.