Bristol dentists offer diagnosis and treatment with general dentistry

Dentists are highly qualified in all aspects of dentistry. This means that they can examine your mouth for any oral health issues and offer diagnosis and treatment. They are trained to look not just at your teeth but also your gums, tongue, soft palate and jaw and can diagnose oral cancer and sleep apnea.

The routine work involved in general dentistry is the six month check up where your dentist will assess your mouth for any signs of disease so they can be diagnosed early and undergo treatment before complications set in. Your Bristol dentist will be looking for build ups of plaque which damage enamel and leave your teeth open to attach from acids which cause cavities to form.

You may visit your dentist at another time if you have a specific problem. Perhaps you had an accident which has damaged your teeth and you need your dentist to decide on how to rectify it. You might have had a long standing problem with crooked teeth or teeth that have become stained. In this case your dentist might decide that you need to have crowns installed to restore a natural look to your mouth.

If you have begun to experience bleeding gums or regular tooth ache you may make an appointment so your dentist can discover what the root of the problem is. Dental practice has changed a lot in the past decade and dentists are now extremely concerned with relaxing their patients and putting them at ease, especially if an invasive procedure is involved.

Contact your Bristol dentist today to discuss any aspects of general dentistry and how it can work for you and your mouth.

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