Brush your plaque away easily says a Swindon dentist

Brushing is just one stage of cleaning our teeth, but it has to done properly or we are wasting our time says a Swindon dentist. The brush is the first thing to consider, and choosing one that is right for your mouth can be a nightmare. If your gums are soft then you will need to have a brush that won’t damage the surface, for that is the best way to start an infection. A semi hard brush will be needed in that case. The bristles length also needs to be taken into consideration, we need to be able to get in between the teeth and around the back of them. An electric brush can be a real help or it can be a hindrance, again it all depends on the type, make and style. Your dental hygiene nurse will be best suited to your personal needs in choosing a brush; some chemists do have trained people on hand to advise as well. Once the brush is chosen we need to start using it properly or it won’t be of much use to us, start brushing up and down in a slow motion, get to feel the brush and how it seems to work on the front of the teeth, especially look to see if the bristles are getting in between the teeth themselves. Now start a circular motion, this will move any plaque that has escaped the previous motion, look upon it as if you were polishing a mirror, and even practice on a mirror if you need to. Moving around to the back of the teeth we really need to able to feel the motion of the brush, as we cannot see the results immediately, use the same method of motion in the two mentioned directions. This should be enough to keep plaque at bay.

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