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How to Improve your Teeth in Bath

It’s a pretty good bet that most of you in Bath go the extra mile when looking after your teeth. You buy all the right products to clean your teeth with and ensure that your mouth is bacteria-free. However, what you can’t fight off is age and with this, your teeth may also begin to lose their sparkle. You can get whitening toothpastes to help restore some of the sheen that may have been lost; DIY bleaching kits can do likewise. Best of all, you can get your dentist to whiten your teeth for you. But this won’t help though if your teeth have suffered from general wear and tear. However, cosmetic dentistry has all the answers and can get your teeth up to scratch in no time with the fitting of veneers or by cosmetic bonding, and this will restore your smile completely. In fact, there are many forms of cosmetic dentistry on hand to improve all aspects of your teeth. The Clifton dental studio is based in Bristol but it serves the area; they can give you advice on how you can improve the way you look after your teeth on a daily basis and tell you all you need to know about the different types of cosmetic dentistry you can get to improve the way your teeth look.  

Clifton Dental explains the choices with Cosmetic Dentistry in Swindon

They say in Swindon ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’ and pretty much, that phrase could be said about the amount of amazing cosmetic procedures around to patch up your mouth as well. Cosmetic dentistry is big business and rightly so: it is a honed profession offering lots of choices that will give you that Hollywood glitz. Taking into account that your teeth may already be in good shape, all you may require is some bleaching and this can either be done at home by you using pens brushes, bleaching strips or a complete bleaching kit, or by your dentist, who can blast your teeth white with the latest laser treatments. This however will not cover up stuff like cracking in the enamel, chipped teeth or gaps: for this you need to turn to bonding or veneers to do the job. Tooth replacement has also got easier over the years: dental implants with crowns, bridges or partial dentures are a great way of plugging up the gaps and making your smile complete once more. But this would be rather futile if you are getting on in years, having the work done and then having wrinkly old lips framing your smile. Fortunately, your dentist can inject a bit of botox into them and smooth out signs of ageing. It’s a great time for you and cosmetic dentistry and if you would like to know more, you can contact Clifton Dental in Bristol.  

Clifton Dental of Bristol tells you about CEREC in Chepstow

There are quite a few procedures that have walked through the dentist’s door and taken the surgery by the scruff of the neck in Chepstow and shaken it up, and one especially noticeable treatment is CEREC. This highlights just how beautiful computers and machinery can work in unison to give you the ultimate treatment in no time at all. In the past, having veneers, crowns and even bridges made took time because the fittings had to be sent off to be made in some clandestine laboratory in the country somewhere, so the average time of such procedures would be 2-3 weeks to complete: CEREC has done away with all of this. When you go along to the dentist, digital images are taken of the areas that need work and then fed into a computer with the CEREC program. This analyses the size of the required fitting, designs it and then feeds the information into a milling machine that will make the new fitting before your eyes. This takes around 20 minutes, which of course, allows the dentist time to get you ready, then once made, the fitting is cemented into your mouth. The great advantage of this is that if there is a problem, it can be rectified on the spot. Instead of waiting a couple of weeks, you are done and dusted down in just over the hour! For more information on this wonder treatment, you should call Clifton Dental in Bristol.  

Great Cosmetic Dentistry in Weston-super-mare

There is some great cosmetic dentistry going on in Weston-super-Mare right now and if you want information about it all, you should contact Clifton Dental of Bristol that serves the area to find out what’s on offer. Every now and then, an industry goes through massive technological changes and that is what has happened with the world of dentistry in the past twenty years. The introduction of computers, digital imaging and the laser has transformed the way treatments are done and has broadened the and of course, cosmetic dentistry has taken advantage of this and now there is a treatment for every condition and everybody. Dentists today can start from the outside and then work their way in to give you the complete works. The can inject botox and dermal fillers into the lips to solve the problems of wrinkling and once that is done, they can get to work in earnest on the inside. Tooth loss can be rectified by using a bridge, an implant along with crowns or some form of dentures. Cracks and gaps in your teeth, wear and tear and receding gums can be covered up with veneers or a little dental bonding. And if you have been born with a ‘gummy’ smile, laser surgery can have you smiling again in under the hour. All of these treatments are re-constructive cosmetic dentistry. However, if your teeth are youthful, healthy and are just in need of a boost, teeth’s whitening is the way forward either with laser bleaching at the dentists or with products you can buy and use at home.  

Choosing CEREC in Swindon

If you are looking for a dynamic method of improving the way your jaded and worn teeth are starting to look in Swindon, then you need look no further than a dental surgery that offers CEREC. This treatment is everything that is good in modern dentistry. It’s a combination of technology working with what was already available and then, coming up with a way of doing prosthetic fittings such as crowns and veneers in around an hour, as opposed to it taking two weeks originally. The big difference that this system has made to have these fittings done is that they can be made on site as opposed to being manufactured in a far off laboratory- and it could be at least two weeks before they returned. When you get measured up for this, you will have a series of digital images and x-rays taken that are processed on a computer, and once it has worked out the dimensions, the information is fed into a milling machine that makes the new fitting- all in under 30 minutes, during which time the dentist is readying you for the treatment. In the past if there was a glitch with it, it would have to be sent away again but with CEREC, any faults or mistakes in the fitting can be corrected there and then in-house. Anyone who is always in a hurry and fancies this type of rapid treatment should call Clifton Dental in Bristol, as they cover all of this area of the West Country.  

Clifton Dental explains about Dental Bridges in Bath

Cosmetic dentistry has pretty much covered all bases when it comes to picking you up by the scruff of the neck and getting you back smiling again, and this also goes for tooth loss. You no longer have to suffer unsightly gaps any more, which can also lead to more problems later on as the other teeth start to shift towards the hole. So if you want to avoid these complications, you should contact Clifton Dental of Bristol, who cover the Bath area, and discuss about the option of having a dental bridge fitted. Bridges have been around for decades now, so they have a proven track record with tooth loss, however, they would normally last around 15 years that was until they started to be used along with mini-implants. Sometimes the bridge can take the shape of a single crown that is bonded to the adjacent tooth/teeth by wires and then coated with a resin, but the most popular bridge is one that spans a gap of one or more teeth, more commonly known as the Maryland Bridge. The new tooth/teeth will be bonded between two crowns and then cemented onto the remaining teeth that sit either side of the gap. Over a span of two lost teeth though, the bridge can become weak in the middle, but by using an implant, the bridge anchors in the centre against the gums and becomes more rigid and stronger. An implant can also anchor this type of bridge at the end of a line where there are no teeth. The only problem that comes with having a bridge fitted is cleaning them, so for the first few weeks, you needs to practise this until you get it right.  

Patients from Swindon opt for cosmetic dentistry at Clifton Dental Studio

When people in Swindon watch TV shows like Embarrassing Bodies or Extreme Makeover, they are introduced to a whole new world of cosmetic dentistry they never knew existed. The increase in media attention on the importance of a nice smile has meant that here at Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol, there has been a huge upsurge in the inquiries about available procedures. In the past, people associated such procedures and techniques with celebrities and the royal family but now, with prices lower and increased interest, far more people are viewing it as something worth spending a few quid on. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses any dental procedure that improves the overall look of your smile. While such procedures are more widespread the terminology still links to its heritage with the rich and famous. For example, a smile improvement is often known as a smile makeover and particularly dazzling versions are often called Hollywood smiles or even a wedding smile. Kate Middleton was reported to have had work done on her smile before marrying Prince William and her perfectly aligned white smile was well documented on the big day. Having a beautiful smile can have a massive effect on an individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem and personal relationships. Many people avoid smiling with their mouth open or feel embarrassed when they laugh due to discolouration of their teeth. Having strong self-confidence is one of the most important things in your life and should not be underestimated. It will help you in job interviews, meeting a potential partner, giving presentations and many other day to day scenarios in your life. The wide variety of procedures and a big range of prices means that there is far more choice out there for consumers. It’s not just for stars. You too can have the smile of your dreams.  

Patients from Chepstow are moving with the CEREC times at Clifton Dental Studio

Dental science has come a long way over the years, for patients from Chepstow and across the globe. Admittedly, our diets have generally got worse with more cane sugar than would have been imaginable 200 years ago, but at least we are finding new and exciting ways to deal with the additional burden we place on our teeth. CEREC is one of the most intriguing developments of the new computer age in dentistry. Patients in Chepstow are raving about the technique, which was first developed 30 years ago but has moved on a lot since then. CEREC, bizarrely, has two possible definitions – either the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction – whichever you prefer! It basically allows your dentist at Clifton Dental Studio to take advantage of computer based technology to carry out restoration work much faster than was previously possible. Most restorative dental treatment require several trips to the dentist so being able to get the work done in a single visit is a huge step forward, especially for people with the sort of hectic lifestyle common in the 21st Century. Typically, CEREC treatment uses 3D photography and computer aided design (CAD) to work out the precise contours of your mouth and the parts which need to be replaced. Compare this to the alternative where you might have to get an anaesthetic on your first visit, your tooth prepared, an impression taken and then a temporary restoration. A few weeks later it is time for a second appointment where the temporary restoration is removed and a permanent one put in place. With CEREC it can be done in one fell swoop. The use of chemical bonding and ceramic materials also means the restoration follows more closely the properties and behaviour of normal teeth. The future is CEREC at Clifton Dental Studio.  

State of the art X-rays in Swindon

Like anything you will find in a dental surgery in Swindon these days, x-rays have benefited from the incredible advancements in technology made possible by the computer. X-rays have always been of incredible value to the medical world, but over recent years they have become more refined and the way they are stored, a lot simpler. When you have a digital x-ray, it will feel to you very much like the old process- standing in front of a screen so that the image can be taken. However, unlike before, there is very little radiation involved and the image then, had to be processed onto a large negative; the information is now fed straight into a computer and the image is flash up immediately. This is only good for the health of your mouth because the dentist can get to work on you immediately and even if the work needs to be done by a specialist, the image can be e-mailed off and you could be seen to the next day. Such on the spot diagnosis can mean the difference between you having for example, a filling as opposed to if you have to wait, root canal treatment. The other advantage is that all this information about you can be stored on a file or disc and be on the computer screen at the touch of a button whenever needed. Clifton dental can supply you with all the information you need about digital x-rays.  

Getting the best from Cosmetic Dentistry in Swindon

So, you fancy getting a smile make-over do you? Well before you go rushing head-long into the unknown, you may like to consider the options first with someone a Clifton dental before you make your choices. Then you need to get down to your dentists in Swindon and look at exactly what is is you are wanting done. There is no need to get expensive restoration work done when you don’t need it so between you and your dentist, you can come up with treatments that are sympathetic to your mouth whilst improving your look no-end. You may not need any major work done if your teeth are in pretty good shape- teeth whitening may be all that you need in order to get your teeth back into line. If however they have suffered the ravishes of time and have a few issues going on, it may just be better to cover them up with some form of veneer to hide the imperfections away. Of course, that depends on having teeth in your mouth in the first place- tooth loss may be a shocker but it is easy to solve; you can opt for a dental bridge, a dental implant or even a partial denture- all will replace the gaps in your mouth quite admirably and give you back your smile. And to top off the overall appearance, don’t forget your lips- they too suffer from ageing and considering they are the framework to your smile, they may need a little TLC as well from botox or dermal fillings.  

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