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Dreamy Dentures in Weston Super Mare

If you’re searching for a reliable replacement for lost teeth, look no further than our dreamy dentures. Dentures are a tried and tested treatment that have enabled patients with missing teeth to enjoy confidence, a natural, healthy looking smile and a fully-functional set of teeth for decades.

About dentures

Dentures are sets of false teeth, which are used to replace missing teeth or a full arch of lost teeth. At Clifton Dental Studio, we have the incredible advantage of having both highly trained dentists and dental technicians on-site, and we offer exceptional modern dentures that provide all the benefits of healthy natural teeth. Our dentures are made from the finest quality materials and they are custom-made to ensure optimum comfort. Dentures are usually held by the suction of the gums, but some patients prefer to use fixative for additional stability and security. With dentures, you should be able to speak clearly and enjoy a wide range of foods without any worries.

The pros and cons of dentures

Dentures are affordable and the treatment time is short, so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new teeth very quickly. They are not a permanent solution because the contours of your mouth change, and therefore adjustments have to be made to preserve the fit. However, they do last a long time. If you have missing teeth and you are thinking about tooth replacement treatment, call us today and arrange a consultation.

Fantastic Full and Partial Dentures in Chepstow

Whether you have one or two lost teeth or a whole arch of missing teeth, our modern dentures will transform your smile and have you feeling confident again. Our dentures are natural-looking, light and functional, allowing you to do everything you could do with natural teeth.

The benefits of dentures

Dentures are an effective solution for missing teeth and have grown in popularity over recent years, providing missing teeth patients with a highly impressive replacement. Dentures replace your natural teeth so that you can confidently eat, speak and smile without concern. At Clifton Dental Studio we use the best quality materials to create dentures that fit perfectly, last a long time and look beautiful. Not only do our dentures give you a lovely, healthy-looking smile, they also provide increased support for your cheeks, making you appear younger.

Dentures at Clifton Dental Studio

We offer both partial and full dentures here at Clifton Dental Studio. Partial dentures replace a small number of missing teeth whereas full dentures replace an entire arch of lost teeth. We use only the finest materials to create our custom-made dentures and our highly skilled team carry out diligent checks to make sure that all our clients are fully satisfied when they leave the practice with their new denture. We recommend you come back for regular check-ups in order for us to keep an eye on the fit of your denture. The mouth is constantly changing shape, so from time to time, dentures need to be replaced.

What are the Benefits of Dentures in Chepstow?

Dentures are a very popular and effective treatment for missing teeth. They are sets of prosthetic teeth, which take on the role of natural teeth to enable you to speak clearly, eat and chew food and support your cheeks for an enhanced, youthful facial aesthetic.

All about dentures

Dentures are false teeth, which are designed to look and function like natural teeth. They are held in place by the suction of the gums, but it is also possible to use denture adhesive for additional security. We can also offer implant-retained dentures, which are dentures that are held in place by dental implants. Dentures are made from various materials, including plastic, acrylic and metals and modern dentures are extremely lifelike. Dentures have come a long way in terms of design and fit and they provide a very effective replacement for lost natural teeth; they are no longer the large and cumbersome sets of obviously false looking teeth that lie by the bed in glasses in films – they are sleek, light and excellent copies of strong, healthy, natural teeth.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures really can change your life, especially if you’ve been struggling with a number of missing teeth for a prolonged period of time. Dentures restore your ability to eat, they improve your speech and they also provide support for your lips and cheeks, preventing the cheeks from looking sunken. Dentures also enable you to show a healthy looking, full smile whenever you open your mouth, which will boost your confidence as well as making you look and feel more attractive. Modern dentures are also light and comfortable. They are fitted to the exact contours and shapes of your mouth to ensure maximum comfort and we check the fit on a regular basis to reduce the risk of irritation. If you would like to find out more about dentures, call us today!

Dazzling Dentures In Bath

Whether you have a few missing teeth or an entire arch of lost teeth, our modern dentures can transform your smile and improve your quality of life. Our dentures are light, lifelike and highly functional and they enable you to do everything you could do with a healthy set of natural teeth.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures are a very effective solution for missing teeth and they have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, to provide patients with missing teeth with a really impressive replacement. Dentures take the place of your natural teeth and you can eat, speak, chew and smile with confidence and ease. We use high quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure a perfect fit, durability and beautiful aesthetics. As well as giving you a radiant looking, healthy smile, dentures also provide greater support for your cheeks, which can make a huge difference to the way you look and make you appear younger.

Denture treatment at Clifton Dental Studio

We offer partial (to replace a small number of missing teeth) and complete dentures (to replace a full arch of missing teeth) and all our dentures are custom-made using the finest materials. Our team is highly experienced and we carry out thorough checks to make sure all our clients feel confident and comfortable when they leave with their new denture. We also recommend regular check-ups so that we can check the fit of your denture; as the mouth is constantly changing shape, dentures have to be replaced from time to time. If your denture doesn’t fit properly, this can increase the risk of slipping and contribute to irritation and soreness of the gums. If you’ve been struggling with ill-fitting dentures or you have missing teeth and you are looking for a suitable replacement, call us to find out more about denture treatment.

Chepstow patients can go for Full or Partial Dentures

3177025_blogDentures have been used to replace missing teeth for many years and we are delighted to offer our patients high quality, functional partial and complete dentures to restore your smile and enable you to enjoy a full range of oral functions. Whether you have a few missing teeth or a full arch of missing teeth, we can tailor your treatment plan to suit your needs and your budget. At Clifton Dental Studio we use the finest quality materials and our modern dentures offer amazing aesthetics, as well as exceptional standards of functionality. With dentures, you will be able to speak clearly, eat a wide range of foods and feel confident when you look in the mirror. Our partial dentures are designed to blend in with your natural teeth and our complete dentures are extremely lifelike. Complete dentures are custom-made and they are held in place by the suction power of the gums, while partial dentures are supported by the natural teeth using small clasps. We recommend regular appointments for our denture patients and we check the fit of the denture regularly to prevent soreness and irritation.

Innovative Denture Treatment takes place in Chepstow

4865112_blogWhether you are unable to wear conventional dentures due to bone loss or you are searching for a tooth replacement treatment, which offers greater stability than traditional dentures, we can help. Implant-retained dentures are dentures with a difference. Rather than being held in place by the natural suction power of the gums, these dentures are anchored by dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium devices, which are fixed into small holes in the jaw bone to replace missing tooth roots. Implants are special because they are able to integrate into the bone tissue and once this process has taken place, a denture can be attached to the implants. With implants there to support the denture, patients can enjoy increased bite power, amazing aesthetics and the ability to perform everyday activities with ease. Implant-retained dentures also give you peace of mind; with the implants in place, there is no risk of a denture slipping, irritating the gums or becoming loose and this means you can smile, interact and communicate with others and eat without any hassle or stress. We usually recommend between 4 and 6 dental implants per denture. In cases where bone loss may be a problem, we can fit mini dental implants, rather than traditional implants. Treatment time is around 3-6 months and the results of treatment are incredible!

Bath answer to tooth loss through Dentures

3488681_blogDentures have always been a great way to retain the mouths occlusion (bite) and spare the jaw joints from damage after tooth loss. They are also a good for preventing the face from sagging and hence, the appearance of premature ageing. However, people have never felt comfortable wearing them in the past; they not only looked ‘fake’ but they were also hard to keep in, especially as the gums start to shrink over time. However, modern techniques in their manufacture have seen them being produced from softer materials that can cater for such change in the gums and stick better to the inside of the mouth; combined with dental implants and adhesives, dentures sit true and firmly in place. Whether you have full dentures or partial ones, they are a cheaper and more manageable option to choose; plus, they restore your smile and keep you happy. Bath is blessed by having Clifton Dental working in the area and these are the people to get in touch with if you have any questions about dentures; they can tell you all about where to get them done, the costs involved and the other back-up treatments that come with them.

Delight in your Dentures in Swindon

Your mouth is very delicate and having all your teeth in place is imperative in order to protect how your jaws come together and maintain your bite. The problem comes when teeth start going AWOL and for whatever the reason, it is very important to get them replaced. In the past, gum disease was a killer for your teeth and dentists would often panic and remove them all, followed up with the fitting of full dentures. But dentistry has emerged from the dark ages and the treatment of gum and periodontal disease has got better and better. This has meant a huge clamour for partial dentures, and with good reason; they are a cheap fix for tooth loss, easy to manage and look very natural when they wrap themselves around the teeth that remain. The same can also be said for the development of full dentures: softer materials are being used in their manufacture, meaning they fit better and adhere to the mouth firmly; adhesives have improved immeasurably, but it is the fact that if you have a few dental implants placed around the mouth, they will lock the dentures solidly into the mouth, giving you amazing freedom when you wear them. In Swindon, you are served by the Clifton Dental Studio of Bristol and these people know everything there is to know about dentures, so call them first before making decisions about recovering from tooth loss.  

Clifton Dental explains about Dentures in Bath

It probably isn’t the day that everyone in Bath looks forward to, but the day you have dentures fitted, partial or full, is the day in your imagination that consigns you to being old. Past images of dentures are not good and wearing them can be as shocking and as stifling as getting a jail sentence: they habitually seem to fall out, the only thing you can eat is soups, as food has now become yours and your dentures enemy, and mentally, it will age you as well. That was then but this is now, and those kind of thoughts are so far removed from the reality of modern dentures and insulting to the manufacturers as well: a lot of people have put a lot of thought and time into the design of dentures and the results are pretty astonishing. Today’s dentures look nothing like the ones won at a hoopla stall at a fair in the past. In both partial and full dentures, the materials have become more natural looking, softer for better adherence to the mouth and delicate to wear; the new cements to bond them with have got better and stronger as well. But if you want to see real progress, just take a look at the mini-implant. With a few of these locking your dentures in place, you can throw away the soups and start eating properly again because your dentures are in and they will stay in- they are also here to stay. Get in touch with Bristol’s Clifton Dental if you want to know more about the virtues of modern dentures.  

Time for Dentures in Weston-super-mare

The thought of having dentures does not rest easy on the mind and can conjure up some very grim images in the minds of anyone living in Weston-super-mare. But before you pack up your belongings and go to meet your maker, you may well like to have a look at the ways dentures still play an important part in your oral health and just how much they have evolved in recent years. It is important that you understand that tooth loss is not the end of the world and how important it is to replace them at any cost and you should consult with Clifton dental on this for they will be able to explain the importance of dentures to the health of your mouth. Visually, your face will suffer from tooth loss as the face can start to sag and age prematurely. Not only this, the lack of teeth in your mouth can start to put strain on your occlusion, or bite, and if not checked, you could do further damage to your jaws. When it comes to dentures, a lot of things have changed, namely, dentists don’t panic any more when they see gum disease and feel the need to rip out all your teeth. They will try to save as many as they can so that you can be fitted with soft, natural dentures that will fit more securely in the mouth; it is the use of modern materials that have made dentures a lot easier to cope with and made them look more natural. Dentures have also benefited from better adhesives and the intervention of the mini-implants that can hold the dentures firmly to the surfaces of the mouth.  

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