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Getting treated painlessly in Swindon with WaterLase

It is a wonderful thing when modern dentistry has the gall to embrace new technology and put it into practise. One of the greatest innovations over the past couple of decades has been the introduction of the laser into dental procedures and it has rapidly replaced the drill as the first line of offence on problems such as tooth decay. From this, a few variations on the theme have sprung up and one of the better ones is WaterLase. It combines the use of a laser, air and water to get the job done, and it does it painlessly. A drill can tend to shatter the areas it penetrates and the minor cracks in the enamel leaves the tooth vulnerable to infection after the procedure. With WaterLase, it is completely the opposite. It can burn a hole into the tooth whilst cooling it with air and water and then go on to remove any decay inside the tooth, removing the need for anaesthetics. It does very little damage and is great for treating all aspects of tooth decay and indeed, excellent for root canal treatment as well. It truly is the future and if you would like to know where and how you can get this treatment in Swindon, then get in touch with Clifton dental of Bristol..  

Bath asks: Fluoride- good or bad?

There are some things in life that we take for granted and assume are good for us simply because the powers to be say that they are- and we rarely question them. But can we ever be really sure about what is being put into the products we consume daily? One of the biggest debates around right now in the world of dentistry is the use of fluoride in toothpastes and drinking water. Although it has be championed for a hundred or so years now for it’s ability to put minerals back into the enamel of your teeth and prevent tooth decay, not all is what it seems with fluoride. The increase in technology and understanding of how things work has rather cast a shadow on the necessity for it being used so freely, without question, in society on a daily basis. It does have a toxic angle to it: deposits of it have been found in the brain causing fluorosis and in the case of children, overdosing on fluoride can be fatal. Is it just PC gone wrong or are people right to be worried about its use; it is now banned unconditionally throughout Europe, so the jury here has a lot to deal with before passing sentence. If you want to know the facts about fluoride, then get in touch with the Clifton dental studio in Bristol as they can supply you with everything you need to know in Bath.  

How to fight Teeth Grinding while you sleep in Bristol

If ever there was a condition in your mouth that can wreak destruction in your mouth over a short period of time, it is teeth grinding. It can destroy your teeth, shatter your jaw joints, cause headaches and tinnitus in your head and damage your neck (and in some cases, your nervous system) and leave you with issues in your upper back. Bristol is a high tempo and expensive place to live and in just trying to survive, it can place an enormous amount of stress upon you and before you know it, it can manifest itself in the way you bite and grind your teeth. The problem with this is if you can’t learn to de-stress yourself when you get home in the evening, you may well continue to grind your teeth during your sleep and hence, cause the aforementioned damage that has been spoken about. Your dentist will pick up on any signs of damage immediately and supply you with a guard to protect your teeth, but it won’t address the reasons behind your grinding; this will take professional help to sort out your stress issues, possible anger management and then lessons in how to relax. If you identify with any of this, then ask the Clifton dental studio to supply you with the ways of overcoming the problem.  

How problems in the Mouth affect your Body in Bristol

Your body is a very intricate machine that relies on everything working as one to maintain high levels of health throughout it. However, if certain ingredients break down or become diseased, it can have a knock-on affect throughout the system which will then become strained as it tries to cater for such radical changes. A good example of this is how your mouth affects the working of the rest of your body. You have to remember that the link between all of the organs throughout your body is your bloodstream. It carries vital nutrients and oxygen to all of your vital organs, but it will also carry infection too and if something goes wrong in your mouth- that too will be spread throughout. If you have an abscess, it is very toxic, and these toxins will find a way into your blood. There have been cases where this has become life-threatening because it has induced a coma and shut down the brain. But another dangerous condition is gum disease; whilst causing mayhem to your gums, this too leaks poison into your blood and infects organs throughout the body. It has recently been strongly linked to heart disease. You need to be aware of such dangers in Bristol, so get as much information on this topic as you can and the best place to start is with the Clifton dental studio.  

Simple tips on fresh Breath in Weston-super-mare

There is no doubt about the affects that bad breath can have on your lifestyle in Weston-super-mare- it can be devastating both socially and in the workplace. However, one of the causes of it could be down to your lifestyle; if you smoke, like a drink and have a poor diet, they can have a detrimental affect on the saliva levels in your mouth. In return, it can hasten the development of tooth decay and gum disease in your mouth- two contributors of bad breath. This condition can also be caused by poor oral hygiene. So all of these elements need to be addressed and turned around. You should involve your dentist in this and even get advice from the Clifton dental studio in Bristol. Both will be able to pin point things that you are doing wrong and then tell you how to put them right. Your dentist can mend anything going wrong in your mouth, but essentially, it comes down to you to improve things. Using herbal products can help back-up your regular regime and also freshen your breath. Ensuring that your mouth is always hydrated will help to promote saliva levels and fight of the build up of bacteria in your mouth- another cause of pungency in your mouth. Try to live a healthy lifestyle and keep your body and your immune system as strong as it can be.  

The trouble of Reversible Pulpitis in Bristol

Your teeth are very complex, which makes them very vulnerable to attack from infection, and though you will try your best to ensure that they are free from plaque and other bacteria, sometimes something may break through, such as cavities or caries- tooth decay. In the early stages of this, your tooth will become very sensitive to changes in temperature or in fact, anything touching it and you will suffer from shooting pain through the tooth. This means that the pulp inside your tooth has become inflamed, a condition known as reversible pulpitis. If you maintain visits to your dentist, signs of this will have been spotted in an x-ray and then be treated accordingly. Normally, this can be rectified with a filling and after a few days, the pain will subside as the pulp inside the tooth recovers. If however you allow the problem to continue, the pulp will become infected and you will then need a root canal to save your tooth. For all you need to know about this condition and other forms of tooth decay in Bristol, you should give the Clifton dental studio a call.  

How to make your Child Smile in Chepstow

Looking out for your kid’s oral health is always going to be an ongoing labour of love, but there are ways you can go about making your job easier from the day they are born. Your child will go through a lot of changes through out their lives, but by finding a paediatrician and a dentist from the off will help to support you in all you need to know and help to keep a healthy smile on your child’s face. The first thing you need to be aware of is the problem of tooth decay and infection: as your child teethes, lose their first teeth, get their second teeth and possibly go through some form of orthodontic treatment, the teeth will be vulnerable to problems such as these and you’ll need to learn how to deal with them. Teaching your child how to brush their teeth properly and to be careful of what they eat is a good start. Of course, this is going to be easy to do while you are around, but you can’t monitor them when they go off to school. What you can do however is to kit them out with dental sealants. These can last up to 10 years and it will ensure that the surfaces of their teeth will remain free of harmful acids and bacteria. As they get older, you can also teach them the benefits of flossing and using a mouthwash each time they eat. Hopefully, this will get through to them and they will heed your warnings. There again, you also have your dentist to fall back on if things get out of hand. Clifton dental studio can help with all your worries you may have about caring for your children’s teeth. Although they are based in Bristol, they do serve the Chepstow area.  

Protecting your mouth with a Mouth-guard in Chepstow

If you adore your sports in Chepstow and take it seriously, then you probably take precautions as well to prevent you from getting injured, especially if you play a contact sport. Mouth-guards can be found in dentistry: they help with teeth alignment and in by help to stop your teeth becoming damaged from grinding. But it’s in sport that they serve the most common use, preventing damage to your mouth. A good guard can limit damage to your teeth and gums and also offer some protection to your jaws as well. There are three types of mouth-guard on the market: the first is the basic model that you can buy across the counter. The second model you can also buy across the counter, though you have to heat this up first and then mold it to your teeth yourself. The third however is completely bespoke and made with a lot of science in mind to cater for the specific sport that you do; it will be made to absorb a lot of impact whilst giving you the best protection it can. If you choose to go into such sports unprepared, then you better be ready for some hefty dental bills in the future, and your dentist, will be none too pleased when the repair work has to be done. For more information about mouth-guards in sport, contact Clifton Dental in Bristol.  

The benefits of Digital X-rays in Weston-super-Mare

Dentistry has come a long, long way since the old days. It has embraced technology and for you, the patient, this has helped you to get precision treatments done very quickly. One of the areas that has benefited in the shift in technology over the past 30 years is the x-ray. This has always been an amazing procedure in being able to make an accurate diagnosis when it comes to tooth decay, bone loss or gum disease. But even then, by today’s standards, it was slow. It could often take days to process an image and when it was, it would have to be stored in a big old dusty cabinet amongst hundreds of other x-rays. All this has radically changed as technology has taken the x-ray to a new level- its gone digital and this means that a dentist can have the image on a screen seconds after it has been taken. This essentially means that if the x-ray shows up any problems or anomalies in your mouth, they can be worked on straight away, saving valuable time. And, if the dentist needs a second opinion or needs to refer you to a specialist, the x-ray can be e-mailed straight away. This type of imaging is also useful for more complex procedures such as dental implant surgery, as it can locate the place the implants needs to go with pinpoint accuracy. The dentist doesn’t need to walk to that dusty old cabinet either if previous x-rays are required for cross referencing. One touch of a button and the image is back on the screen. All of this corner cutting and time saving are invaluable when treatments need to be carried out quickly to prevent further deterioration in your mouth. For more information about digital x-rays and the affect they can have on your health in Weston-super-Mare, you should contact Clifton Dental in Bristol as the serve the area.  

The benefits of a Dental Check-up in Bath: Clifton Dental explains all

It’s very easy in a busy city like Bath to sometimes cancel or simply forget about a dental check-up, but you do so at your peril because, things can go wrong pretty quickly in your mouth and just because you have got the best products the market can offer, doesn’t make the cut once tooth decay has started to get in. You see, by going for an appointment, your dentist can spot things like this and then rectify them early, before they get worse. That’s what a check-up is all about- looking deep into your teeth and gums for signs of trouble- a simple x-ray can identify this in seconds and it’s definitely something you couldn’t possible detect at home. Your dentist will also give your teeth a quick de-scale, clean and polish. But you can also benefit in other ways from your check-up, it’s not just there to patch up your failings, it’s there to ensure your teeth are healthy in the future: this is the time to chat about dental issues that you have, maybe you’d like some cosmetic work done or are worried about the way you clean your teeth…this is the time to talk. It’s also a great way to find out about dental procedures that you may have to have in the future. The more you get on board with your dentist the less you will have to worry about. For more advice about how to get the best from your check-up, you should contact Clifton Dental in Bristol.  

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