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Incredible Invisible Braces

If you thought invisible braces were an impossible dream, think again! With incredible Invisalign treatment, we can straighten your teeth in secret!

What is Invisalign and is it suitable for me?

Invisalign is a modern aligner system, which offers an invisible alternative to traditional fixed braces. Many patients who are advised to have orthodontic treatment are reluctant to take the plunge because they worry about how they will look, how they will feel and what other people will think when they have their braces fitted. With Invisalign, patients have peace of mind that their appearance won’t change and they can feel more confident throughout the treatment process. Invisalign caters for teenage and adult patients and it represents a great option for people who wish to retain a professional appearance, those who rely on their looks for work reasons and people who don’t want the hassle of coming up against comments and jibes as a result of wearing braces. With Invisalign, you can have the treatment you need without anybody else even knowing that you’re wearing braces. This is a versatile treatment option that can benefit people with a range of different orthodontic problems. We will be able to assess whether it is a good match for you when you have your consultation.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

Invisalign has a different approach to treatment than traditional braces and it uses a sequence of bespoke, removable appliances called aligners to move the teeth. The aligners are created based on a personalised treatment plan, which is drawn up using advanced software. Each aligner is different and there is a set order. The aligners are worn in 2 week blocks until treatment is complete. Invisalign aligners are removable, giving you freedom and convenience. However, it is important that they are in place for at least 21 hours per day. They are designed to be taken out for eating, cleaning the teeth and drinking. If you like the sound of Invisalign, call today and book a consultation.

Correcting Crowded Teeth – All You Need to Know

Crooked, crowded and overlapping teeth are fairly common, but there’s no need to feel downhearted if you don’t have perfectly straight teeth. We offer a range of modern orthodontic solutions to remedy overcrowding and create beautiful smiles.

Treating crowded teeth

Crowding is a fairly common problem, which tends to occur when there is a lack of space in the jaw and the teeth grow over and push against each other. In most cases, crowding is hereditary, but thumb-sucking and using a bottle during childhood can increase the risk. Crowding is treated using orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is the field of dentistry which deals with alignment and positioning of the teeth and jaws. The most common form of orthodontic treatment is a brace.

Our treatment options

We are proud to offer a diverse range of orthodontic treatments, including discreet removable aligners and modern fixed braces. Our treatments include:
  • Invisalign
  • Inman Aligner
  • Six Month Smiles

Which treatment is best for me?

It’s impossible to say which treatment suits you best without first examining the teeth and analysing the bite. When you come for a consultation, your dentist will perform thee tests and then chat to you about what you wish to gain from treatment and which kinds of treatments you prefer. Once they have the relevant information, they can make recommendations that will best suit your orthodontic needs and your treatment aims. To arrange a consultation, simply call us or pop in if you’re passing.

Be Amazed by the Inman Aligner in Bristol

If you thought orthodontic treatment was all about bulky, uncomfortable metal train-tracks, prepare to be amazed! The Inman Aligner is a shining example of how far the world of orthodontics has come.

What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable, discreet aligner designed to solve mild orthodontic problems that affect the front teeth. The aligner generates forces that push and pull the teeth, causing them to move, and creating a beautifully straight smile. The Inman Aligner is not the same as other aligners. Although it is not invisible like Invisalign and Clearstep, it is very discreet and treatment time is much shorter. The only part of the aligner visible when you smile is a fine metal bar.

Who can benefit from the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is designed for patients who have minor issues that affect the teeth at the front of the mouth, such as mild crowding, crooked front teeth and gaps between front teeth. It can also be beneficial for patients who have suffered relapse after undergoing treatment in the past.

The benefits of the Inman Aligner

This innovative treatment offers an array of benefits, including:
  • speed: the average treatment time is just 16 weeks
  • simplicity: the treatment process is incredibly simple and patients can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a removable brace
  • discretion: the aligner is very discreet and much less noticeable than a traditional fixed braces
  • comfort: the aligner uses state of the art technology to minimise discomfort
  • value for money: with fewer appointments needed and rapid treatment, this system is much less expensive than many others on the market
To find out more and see if you are a suitable match for the incredible Inman Aligner, simply call and make an appointment!

Treat Crowded Teeth this Christmas in Chepstow

If you dream of a straight smile this Christmas, we have some amazing orthodontic treatments on offer. With innovative orthodontic appliances, we can reposition the teeth to combat crowding and enable you to smile with confidence at Christmas time.

Our treatments

Crowding is a common orthodontic problem and if you suffer from crowded teeth and you’re looking for a solution, we have great news. Our modern, discreet treatments move the teeth quickly and painlessly to give you a stunning, straight smile. Our treatment options include 6 Month Smiles, the Inman Aligner and Invisalign. 6 Month Smiles: this incredible fixed brace system takes half the time of normal fixed braces to straighten the teeth and focuses on aesthetics to give you an amazing new smile. The braces are made from clear components, so they are barely noticeable, and they use advanced technology to reduce friction and accelerate the speed of treatment. Invisalign: this popular clear aligner system is the perfect choice for patients who would rather remain incognito during the treatment process. Invisalign uses a number of aligners, which are custom-designed for the individual, to gradually straighten the teeth and ease crowding. The aligners work in order and each one is worn for 2 weeks. The Inman Aligner: this is a great option for anyone who has minor crowding that affects the front teeth. It works incredibly quickly and the aligner is much less noticeable than traditional fixed braces. You can also enjoy the freedom of being able to take your brace out. The average case is complete within just 4 months. If you’ve had enough of crowding and you’ve decided it’s time to sort your smile out, give us a call and book a consultation. We will assess your needs and have a chat with you to help you decide which treatment is best and then we can start planning your beautiful new smile!

Innovative Orthodontics in Weston Super Mare

One of the most exciting developments in modern orthodontics is invisible braces. With clear braces, we can straighten the teeth without patients feeling any anxiety about how their treatment will affect their looks or their confidence. If you’re searching for an invisible means of banishing crooked or twisted teeth for good and getting a beautiful smile, allow us to introduce you to Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear aligner system, which provides patients who wish to remain incognito during their treatment with an amazing alternative to traditional metal fixed braces. With this treatment, the aligners are virtually undetectable, so nobody needs to know that you’re having treatment and you can feel confident when you look in the mirror, take to the stage for a presentation or go for that all-important job interview.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses a series of appliances that are shaped according to a personalised treatment plan. Each one is different and all are custom-made. Each aligner remains in place for 2 weeks, and the aligners work in a set order. During treatment, it’s important to wear the aligners for the recommended time each day. They can be taken out to brush your teeth and eat, but should be worn for at least 21-22 hours per day.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Invisalign offers a host of benefits for patients who are looking for a discreet way of straightening their teeth. These custom-made aligners are light, they use gentle force to move the teeth and they are virtually invisible. They are also removable, which means that they have very little impact on the way you go about your day to day business. You can eat without any worries about breaking your brace or getting anything stuck in the brackets and you can clean your teeth in the normal way. If this system sounds like the one for you, call us now and book your consultation!

Say Goodbye to Crowded Teeth in Chepstow

Crowded teeth can affect the look of your smile, as well as your oral health and your ability to chew food properly. If crowding is getting you down, we have some amazing orthodontic treatments available to straighten your teeth and give you a beautiful, healthy new smile.

Our orthodontic treatments

Crowding is a common orthodontic issue that usually results from a lack of space in the jaw. With orthodontic treatment, we can move the teeth and create room, giving you a much more attractive and functional smile. We have a host of different options and we have solutions for patients with minor crowding, as well as those who have more complex crowding, which requires more movement. These include: Invisalign: Invisalign is a clear brace system that gives you the chance to create a stunning smile in secret! These removable braces, known as aligners, are made from clear plastic, so they are invisible when you smile. Invisalign is ideally suited to patients with minor or moderate issues. Inman Aligner: the Inman Aligner is a great option for patients who only need minor correction. This removable appliance takes just 16 weeks to straighten the teeth and it is much more discreet than traditional fixed braces. 6 Month Smiles: 6 Month Smiles is a fixed brace treatment that is designed to deal with issues that affect the front teeth. 6 Month Smiles works very quickly and the braces are clear, so they look much more discreet than normal fixed braces. If you have crowded teeth and you’re tired of feeling conscious every time you smile, we have the treatments to help! We can have you smiling with confidence in no time.

Brilliant Braces in Bristol

At Clifton Dental Studio, we offer a host of brilliant braces to provide a solution to all your orthodontic needs. From removable clear aligners to fast-working fixed braces, we’ve got your orthodontic woes covered and we guarantee amazing results.

Our braces

We offer an array of cosmetic brace treatments, including the Inman Aligner, Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.

The Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a removable aligner that is specially designed to correct minor issues with the front teeth. The aligner isn’t invisible like Invisalign aligners, but with an average treatment time of just 16 weeks, your brace will be off and your smile will be stunningly straight before you know it. The aligner is much more discreet than traditional fixed braces.


Invisalign is a clear aligner system that uses a collection of removable, custom-made appliances to straighten the teeth. The aligners work in an order, with each one worn for 2 weeks. They are clear and sit over the top of the teeth for an extremely discreet aesthetic. Invisalign is a very popular system, mainly because it offers the opportunity for patients to have treatment without anyone being able to see the brace. However, it also offers additional advantages, such as comfort and flexibility. With removable braces, you have the freedom to enjoy life as usual, with no worries about cleaning your teeth or getting food stuck in your brace when you’re enjoying dinner out.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an innovative fixed brace system, and takes just 6 months to correct misalignment and create a beautiful smile. These braces use state of the art technology and they are specifically targeted at patients who have problems with the front teeth. The wires are self-ligating and the brackets are light and clear so you can enjoy discreet aesthetics and painless treatment. If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment and you would like to find out more about our brilliant braces, call us and make an appointment, or pop in and see us!

Say Hello to Straight Teeth in Bristol

If you’re one of the many people out there with crooked, wonky or crowded teeth, we are here to help you say hello to straight teeth and a beautiful new smile! With our amazing modern treatments, it’s never been easier to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Our treatments

We offer a range of innovative orthodontic treatments to cater for patients with minor, moderate and severe orthodontic issues, including problems with the bite and misaligned teeth, overcrowding, overjet (protruding front teeth) and gaps between the teeth. Our treatments include:
  • Inman Aligner
  • Invisalign
  • 6 Month Smiles
The Inman Aligner and Invisalign are aligner systems that use removable devices to straighten the teeth, while 6 Month Smiles is a discreet fixed brace treatment. The Inman Aligner and 6 Month Smiles work extremely quickly, while Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment

Many people have orthodontic treatment because they want to feel more confident and attractive, but treatment offers much more than just aesthetic benefits. Treatment can improve speech, reduce the risk of oral health problems and improve your ability to chew food and of course, it makes the smile look amazing.

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment

It can be difficult to choose an orthodontic treatment, especially as there are so many appealing options available now, but our experienced team will be able to guide you through the different processes. They will highlight the advantages and disadvantages and make recommendations based on your orthodontic prescription and the features you are interested in, such as invisible braces or rapid treatment. Some treatments are suited to patients with specific needs, while others are versatile and suit the majority of patients. To find out about our braces, call and make an appointment today!  

Why Should You Choose Invisible Braces in Weston Super Mare

The field of orthodontics has seen many advances over the past few years, one of the most important being discreet and invisible braces. Orthodontic treatment choices in the past have been limited, and fixed braces haven’t always been the most aesthetically pleasing accessory. Patients now have a much wider range of choices when it comes to braces. One of the most impressive options is invisible braces, which allow patients to undergo orthodontic treatment without people even knowing it! At Clifton Dental Studio, we offer some of the industry’s leading invisible braces, including Invisalign and the Inman Aligner.


Invisalign allows patients to get a stunning smile without people even realising they’re wearing braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are invisible when placed over the teeth. The aligners work in a specific order, and are to be changed every 2 weeks. Invisalign aligners are removable, which means that tooth-brushing and eating and drinking is made much easier.

The Inman Aligner

This is another impressive removable brace. Not strictly invisible, the Inman Aligner is a lot more discreet than a traditional fixed brace. There are two main components with the Inman Aligner, which work to create force and pressure to move the teeth into the desired position. The components are a spring (located at the back of the teeth) and a metal bar (located at the back of the teeth). The bar is very thin and fine so it is discreet in the mouth. The treatment time of the Inman Aligner is typically faster than other brace systems, with most cases being completed in as little as 16 weeks!  

Be Amazed by the Inman Aligner in Bristol

Imagine being able to enjoy a beautiful, straight smile in a matter of weeks without suffering any pain. With the Inman Aligner, this dream has become a reality and patients are able to see the results of treatment in just 8-16 weeks.

What is the Inman Aligner?

If you thought you had to wait months, even years for a straight smile, prepare to be amazed by the Inman Aligner. This removable appliance was developed in the USA and has become a great success around the world. It is made from a spring, which is located at the back of the teeth, and a metal bar, which runs across the front teeth. These parts produce forces that push and pull the teeth, gently squeezing them into position and correcting alignment issues. The Inman Aligner is a modern alternative to traditional fixed braces for patients who do not require intensive treatment. This system focuses on the front teeth and is specifically designed to deal with minor issues, such as mild crowding and small gaps between the front teeth.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time is the major selling-point of the Inman Aligner and the speed of treatment is so rapid that before you know it, you’ll be having your brace removed. Patients tend to start noticing a difference after just a couple of weeks and within 16 weeks almost all cases are complete.

How could the Inman Aligner benefit me?

If you are searching for an orthodontic solution for minor issues, offering comfort, convenience, speed and discreet aesthetics, look no further than the Inman Aligner. The treatment works incredibly quickly with minimum disruption to your day to day life and reduced pain. This brace gives you the freedom to brush your teeth in the normal way and enjoy eating without any panic about getting bits of spinach or herbs stuck in your teeth and the metal bar is very fine, so the brace is hardly noticeable. The Inman Aligner can also be very beneficial for patients who have already had treatment in the past as a means of treating relapse.

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