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Great Braces in Bristol

You should not get daunted, distressed nor down if you know you are going to have to have braces fitted to your teeth in Bristol, whatever age you are. For braces can do things for you that will bring you out of your shell and make you shake with a confidence you had lost when your teeth started to do their own agenda. And this is the greatest time to have a look around at what’s on offer. All of our teeth have a mind of their own it seems at times and go off and do their own thing. But for every action there is an opposite reaction and to every problem there is a solution and thank the Lord for technology and how things progress year upon year; there are so many ways to get your teeth straightened these days and a device that is catered for you and your needs. If you are young and have to go down the route of getting your teeth into shape, fixed metal braces can be a little psychologically damaging if you have to wear them over a sustained period of time. But if you have money to blow, and if the treatment is viable for your mouth, you should look at one of the new-ish American aligners because you can barely tell that they are in the mouth at all, removable and will work a lot faster than traditional braces. Of course if you are a ‘bit’ older, then you wont want to be embarking on a course of lengthy tooth alignment- and if you fit the treatment, you wont have to because there are some braces out there that will whip your mouth into shape in as little as 6 weeks! Ask your dentist and shop around before you plump for the first thing that comes along, but most importantly, get something that you are happy with during this troubled period.

Dentists in Bristol offer patients a variety of teeth straightening treatments to improve their smiles

Studies have shown that most people find faces which are more symmetrical to be the most attractive. There is not that much you can do about the shape of your face unless you can afford expensive, cosmetic surgery, but you can easily make your smile nice and straight. Your local dental surgery in Bristol will be able to offer you a variety of teeth straightening procedures that wor you your benefit in giving you a perfectly straight smile. The traditional, metal brace is still a very popular option for people of all ages who have crooked teeth. It is hard to see how the system of metal brackets and wires attached to the teeth and gradually moved by the dentist, can be beaten. The traditional metal brace can solve all teeth alignment issues. In spite of its superior performance, the traditional metal brace has several drawbacks that some newer products have been able to sidestep in a variety of different ways. Teeth can now be straightened using a clear, plastic brace that is entirely removable. Other products are very similar to the metal brace but are teeth coloured and so are more aesthetically pleasing. A concealed, coiled spring is used in one treatment that also is concerned with being discreet. Many of these treatments can also boast far quicker treatment times than the traditional metal brace which sometimes needs to be worn for several years. The fact is that the traditional metal brace is the only method yet that can actually rotate teeth as well as deal with alignment issues. Your dentist in Bristol will be able to examine your case and offer you advice about which method is best for you.

Bath dentists fit braces to give patients incredibly straight teeth

There are a number of pros and cons to getting a set of braces fitted on your teeth. In all, one would have to say that the pros outweigh the cons but it is up to you to make the decision if you have crooked or misaligned teeth. Whatever you decide to do, it is best to get crooked or misaligned teeth rectified because you will feel much better about the way you look as a result. Some people are put off opting for the traditional brace because of several factors. The treatment time of braces is quite long by anyone’s standards: usually they take about eighteen months to achieve the desired results. During this time you will have metal brackets fitted to your teeth which have wires threaded through them. Your dentist will tighten or loosen these wires to move your teeth gradually to where they ought to be. The fact is that these brackets and wires can look unsightly and dash your confidence in the process. This is not to mention how difficult braces can be to clean. There are a number of alternative products on the market which side step these problems in a number of ways but braces are, by all accounts the most effective treatment on the market. There is no alignment issue that braces cannot sort out. Some of the newer products can only achieve limited results from specific, smaller scale issues. The treatment time may be long but you will have the peace of mind that come with knowing that the problem will be consummately dealt with in the end. If you have any worries about braces and need reassurances or just more information, your Bath dentist is on hand to talk.

Learn more about dental braces at Chepstow dentist

Everyone knows about dental braces either from personal experience or from seeing them on other people. If you are a parent and had to wear a brace in your youth, you may not realise how far the technology has come in the last ten years. The old fashioned fixed metal brace still exists but it has been improved upon and is now no longer quite as tortuous as it once was. As well as this, there have been a number of new developments in brace technology that has allowed the development of incredible new brace systems such as the Invisalign treatment and the Inman aligner. The Inman aligner is a new system that has come to the UK from the US and taken the country by storm. It is capable of transforming the appearance of a smile and straightening teeth in only a tiny fraction of the time it used to take metal braces. In some cases, the Inman aligner can straighten teeth in as little as ten weeks. Although it has to be said that it is mostly suitable for minor alignment problems. Invisalign is a system that involves clear plastic braces that completely reduce the visual impact of the braces, always one of the biggest drawbacks of wearing metal braces. This means that teenagers and young adults can straighten their teeth without the feeling of self-consciousness that used to come with the fixed metal wire and bracket braces. As well as these two systems there are also the Damon brace and Six Month Smile, both of which are more similar to the old style braces but with several key improvements most notably in terms of speed and effectiveness of treatment. You can find out all about the new types of braces on offer at your next appointment with your Chepstow dentist.

Find out about the many braces options at Bristol dentist

If you are bored or embarrassed by your hair you can always go to the hairdressers or barbers to have it cut. The same if you want to change your wardrobe, you can go shopping. Looking our best is very important in this modern era where image is so important. But what about aspects of our appearance that we are unable to change so easily, like our teeth? Our smile is obviously a very important method of communicating and one that gives away so much about us so being uncomfortable or embarrassed about it can damage self-confidence and self-esteem. However, there are ways of changing the appearance of your teeth that have been successfully proven to work for many years. Orthodontic teeth straightening using braces is capable of correcting even the most misaligned teeth using a system of wires, brackets and applied pressure. In recent years there has also been an explosion of new orthodontic straighteners that have aimed to improve on the few negative aspects of traditional braces. Although braces have always been effective at straightening they did suffer from something of a lack of aesthetic quality. This meant that having to wear braces always came with something of a sacrifice in terms of appearance. Braces could also be slightly uncomfortable and caused irritation to the soft tissue in the mouth. They also needed to be regularly tightened which could be painful. New braces such as the Six Month Smile and Invisalign aimed to address these problems providing patients with more discreet, more comfortable and shorter orthodontic straightening. You kind find out more about all the straightening options available to you at your Bristol dentist during your next check up appointment.

Discover the incredible possibilities of modern braces at Bath dentist

Braces are becoming ever more popular for straightening teeth in the UK. In an age when appearances matter more then ever, being comfortable with you teeth and your smile is very important for retaining confidence and self-esteem. Having misaligned or crooked teeth can be difficult and cause many patients, especially those in their difficult teenage years, to feel slightly embarrassed. Orthodontic braces have been used for many years by Bath dentists but they are now more widely available to all patients, and also more affordable. There are a number of different types of treatments to choose from which vary in price, duration of treatment, visual impact and comfort. Many people are unaware of the choice on offer, believing the traditional fixed metal braces to be the only option. For patients wishing to disguise the fact they have braces, there is Invisalign. These clear plastic braces are almost impossible to see when in the mouth. This means that patients can go about their lives not having to feel self-conscious about their braces. They are also completely removable making them ideal for patients who may need to remove them for important business or social occasions. As well as invisible braces, there are also braces with a significantly reduced visual impact. Treatments such as Damon braces and Six Month Smile use clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to lessen the appearance of braces. They are also both more comfortable causing far less irritation to the soft tissue of the mouth. The most impressive improvement in virtually all orthodontic treatments is the duration. Most traditional brace treatments last between sixteen and eighteen months (they can even be longer) but the more modern braces and aligners can achieve results in only a fraction of that time, in some cases as much as 75% faster. Ask your dentist about the possibilities of modern braces.

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