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Enlighten Your Smile with Tooth Whitening in Chepstow

Nothing boosts your confidence and makes you feel radiant like a bright white smile, and at Clifton Dental Studio we offer a wide range of treatments to meet all your whitening needs. One of our most popular whitening treatments is Enlighten. If you want amazing results that last for ages, look no further than Enlighten, the current leading dental treatment on the dental market.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is a professionally distinguished tooth whitening treatment that is popular the world over. This system has featured heavily in the media, chiefly on TV makeover shows, and has an incredible reputation based on amazing results. Enlighten is the only treatment available that offers the lightest tooth shade, which is known as B1. Enlighten can be administered both in-chair and at home, as the treatment process merges both elements. The treatment is initially carried out at home, with the patient wearing a unique whitening tray for 2 weeks. The trays are bespoke to each patient in order to ensure that they are comfortable and a good fit. The trays contain an agent that gradually lightens the colour of the teeth over the 2 week period. After these 2 weeks, the patient comes into the studio for further whitening treatment. This only takes an hour and gives the smile a dazzling boost.

Is Enlighten safe?

Enlighten treatment is perfectly safe and really does give you a stunning smile you can be proud of.

Wonderful Whitening Treatments in Weston Super Mare

Tooth whitening is our most popular treatment and it’s easy to see why. Our whitening treatments make a hugely positive impact on the look of the smile without causing any pain at all. We have trialled the leading whitening treatments on the market to bring you a selection of amazing options, including home whitening treatment and in-chair services.

Our whitening treatments

We like to think that we cater for everyone with our comprehensive range of whitening treatments. We offer home whitening treatment for maximum convenience, as well as express in-chair whitening and Enlighten.

Home whitening

Home whitening is an amazing option for patients who are busy and have hectic schedules. This system enables you to reap the rewards of whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home. The whitening process simply involves wearing custom-made whitening trays during the night at home; for the best results, we recommend wearing the trays for 2 weeks. Home whitening is safe, effective and easy and you can top up treatment as and when you wish to prolong the results.


Enlighten combines aspects of home whitening and in-chair treatment. The treatment involves two key phases. During the first phase, you wear bespoke whitening trays for 2 weeks at home, just as you would with a home whitening system. The second phase of treatment involves a power whitening session at the clinic. This takes just one hour, it is completely painless and the results are amazing. Whitening agent is applied over the teeth and your dentist will then activate it by using a powerful light. After one hour, your smile will look radiant and bright. Enlighten is the only whitening treatment to guarantee B1, the lightest tooth shade and the results last for several years.

Terrific Teeth Whitening In Weston-Super-Mare

There’s nothing better than a terrific white smile, and we offer a wonderful selection of treatments to cater for all your whitening needs. These include express whitening and Enlighten. We recommend Enlighten for amazing, long-lasting results, as this system is generally regarded as the leading treatment on the market at the moment.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is a professionally renowned whitening system that has attracted plaudits all over the world. This treatment has featured heavily in the media on television makeovers shows and has established an excellent reputation, based on incredible results. Enlighten is the only treatment available that is able to guarantee the lightest tooth shade, known as B1. Enlighten is both an at-home and in-chair treatment, as the process combines both elements. Initially, treatment takes place at home, with the patient wearing a bespoke whitening tray for 14 days. The trays are custom-made for each patient to make sure that they fit well and are comfortable. They contain an agent that gradually lightens the shade of the teeth. After 14 days, patients come into the practice for further whitening treatment, which takes just one hour and gives the smile a real radiant boost. Enlighten treatment is safe and it really does make a noticeable difference to the aesthetic of your smile.

Whitening At Home

We also provide home whitening kits, which allow you to get a gorgeous, glowing smile without even leaving the house; all you need to do is wear your bespoke whitening tray at home for the recommended period of time and then get ready to show off your dazzling new smile!

Say Goodbye To Stains With Tooth-Whitening In Bath

This is our most popular cosmetic dental treatment and it’s not hard to see why, as the results are amazing. We have a range of tooth whitening treatments on offer to cater for patients with varying needs and budgets, including Enlighten, Why10 and LaserSmile.

About tooth staining

The teeth lose their natural whiteness as time passes, but if you’re keen on a glass of wine or you love a coffee on your way to work each morning, this process can be accelerated. Staining makes the teeth less attractive and healthy and it can also make you look older. Tooth whitening is a means of lightening the shade of the teeth to make your smile look brighter, healthier and more youthful.

Our treatments

We offer in-chair whitening, home whitening and Enlighten, which combines both elements. Enlighten is one of the world’s best-selling whitening treatments because it guarantees the brightest, lightest shade and the results last for many years. It uses the best aspects of home and in-chair whitening to offer you convenient, painless and effective treatment. Enlighten takes 15 days and involves 14 days of home treatment followed by an express in-chair whitening session, which takes just one hour. At home, treatment involves wearing a specially designed whitening tray during the night. The in-chair treatment simply requires you to pop on some protective goggles and lie back and relax while we activate a whitening agent on your teeth. Home whitening is a really great option for patients who have a very busy schedule. Treatment is very simple and you will start to notice the results just a few days after the start of treatment. All you have to do to reap the benefits of treatment is to wear a custom-made whitening tray for between 10 and 14 days at home. The tray is made according to a mould of your teeth to ensure a comfortable fit and it contains bleaching agent. We also offer in-chair treatment, which takes just 90 minutes, to produce a radiant, bright smile. To find out more about treatments and how whitening could benefit you, call us today!

Maintaining a White Sparkling Smile in Weston-Super-Mare

Beautiful Girl - Close UpEven the most careful dental patient can experience surface stains on their teeth and sometimes, brushing and flossing are not enough to give the teeth a bright, white glow. As we age, the natural whiteness of the teeth fades due to general wear and tear and exposure to different colours in foods and drinks and this can cause the smile to look less attractive. While a good daily oral hygiene routine will help to keep your teeth looking clean and prevent staining, professional whitening treatment is the only effective means of actually lightening the shade of the teeth. We offer a host of whitening options to lighten and brighten your smiles and our treatments work quickly with no pain at all. One of our most popular systems is Enlighten, the world’s leading whitening treatment and a favourite with celebrities. Enlighten combines home whitening and in-chair treatment, with a 14 day period of home whitening treatment followed by a one hour whitening session at the practice. It is the only treatment currently available, which guarantees the lightest shade, B1 and the results last for a very long time, so you can enjoy a beautiful, bright smile for years to come!  

Banish Yellow Stains for good in Bath

529808_blogNothing beats a bright white smile and we have a range of whitening options and treatments to suit all budgets. Our whitening treatments are incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why; they are convenient, fast, painless and amazingly effective! Over the course of time, the natural whiteness of the teeth tends to start fading and the teeth look less attractive. Other factors, such as your diet and lifestyle choices can also affect the shade of your teeth and the overall look of your smile. If your teeth are starting to look a little yellow and you want to give them an overhaul and add some sparkle to your smile, we can help! We offer Why10, LaserSmile and the amazing Enlighten whitening system to banish those stains and create a lighter, brighter smile. Our in-chair treatments work very quickly, involve a single treatment session and produce instant results and there is absolutely no pain involved. In less than an hour, you will be able to enjoy a gleaming new smile and the results should last for many years. At Clifton Dental of Bristol we have treatments have been tried and tested over many years and are both safe and effective and they will really make a difference to your smile, as well as your confidence and self-esteem.

Weston-super-Mare gets a real treat with Enlighten Tooth Whitening

3492515_blogHome bleaching kits for the teeth have become big business over the years and people like to go it alone with products like these. You can simply pop along to your chemists in Weston-super-Mare and buy a kit across the counter. However, if you are going to go down this route, find out more information about what’s on offer; Clifton Dental Care of Bristol operate in the area and can give expert advice on all bleaching techniques. While your asking around though, find out about Enlighten Tooth Whitening; it’s not often a product comes along and goes straight into the charts at number one for it is an incredible treatment, which if you love doing stuff at home, will fit perfectly into your regime. Your dentist will prep you with some bespoke bleaching trays that fit around your teeth air-tight, and when they are ready, you are given the rest of the kit and you go home and start your course. Each night before bedtime, you fill the trays up with the Enlighten bleaching fluid and pop them carefully into the mouth; when you wake, you take them out, wash them and then clean your teeth with whitening toothpaste. You will repeat this procedure each night for two weeks; during this period, it is imperative to avoid staining fluids and drinks, but after, the results will leave you breathless. You truly will have the most beautiful and radiant teeth you could have ever wished for.

Swindon gets joyous Teeth from Zoom Teeth Whitening

If your teeth have started to lose their gloss of late, then how do you fancy getting a brilliant make-over to your teeth? You do? Then get along to your dentist and ask about Zoom Teeth Whitening. This programme has many methods and products to get your teeth sparkling again, but it probably more famous when used in laser whitening, as shown on a popular television make-over show and since then, people have gone crazy for this treatment and no wonder either- the results are extraordinarily magical. Your dentist will first coat the surfaces of your teeth with the Zoom bleaching agent and then blast them with a laser light. This is done again a couple of more times, but it will be painlessly over in just 60 minutes and you’ll walk away beaming like a full moon. It is so fast and fantastic and probably one of the best treatments you will find on the market today. This is available now in Swindon, so come on- give your teeth a birthday and your confidence a boost. For more on this wonderment, call Clifton Dental a call in Bristol; not only can they tell you all about Zoom products, but they serve the area you live in…..what are you waiting for, get phoning!  

Do you really need reasons why you should whiten your Teeth in Bristol?

So how can teeth whitening work for you? There are many ways you can go about putting a sparkle back in your mouth and some form of whitening will do the trick for you. You can start simply with toothpaste, bleaching sticks or complete kits; all are easy to use and are cheap to buy across the counter. The more phenomenal results though can be achieved by going down a more professional route which will involve a dentist joining in. Laser whitening is quick and simple, offering great results, and for a starting price of around £100, that isn’t bad for an hours work. But for the best results of all, a dentist can set you up with DIY kits that you do on your own at home, and though they are the more expensive option, they give dream-like results. So, what are the benefits of whitening? In a groovy and demanding metropolis like Bristol, the way you present yourself to your public is important everyday, and your smile is part of the image that you give off to others. After whitening, your teeth will not only look great, they will feel great; your confidence will rocket if your teeth look brilliant. For more about the wonders of teeth whitening, get yourself along to Clifton Dental, for they can tell you all you need to know about improving your teeth.  

What Teeth Whitening can do for you in Weston-super-Mare

In time, your teeth may well start to lose their gloss, or, if your love a smoke and a coffee, your teeth can become discoloured even sooner. Whatever the causes behind this deterioration in your teeth, it is surprisingly easy to remedy with a little teeth whitening, and you are not short of options in Weston-super-Mare. From toothpastes to DIY kits, there are plenty of things you can go out and buy in order to improve the colour of your teeth, and they won’t break your bank account either. If you want to get a really professional finish though, then you should have a word with your dentist and weigh up some of the truly remarkable treatments around right now. Laser whitening is very ‘in’ right now and it gives sensational results, whilst only taking an hour to do, so give this a look. The other alternatives that your dentist can set you up with are the latest and probably the best options- professional kits that your dentist will get you started with, and then you go off to do yourself. All of these choices work for you in different ways; all have their place, but the variation in choice can often become confusing, so why not give Clifton Dental a call in Bristol; they serve the region and are experts on advice in this field.  

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