Charming CEREC in Chepstow: All you need to know from Clifton Dental

Sometimes, the most annoying thing about cosmetic dentistry is the time it can take to get your new fitting made and placed in your mouth and if it isn’t right, it will need to be sent off again to be adjusted. Now if you are a speedy, faced-paced person about Chepstow, time is of the essence and hold ups can serious interfere with your diary. But, for you people, you have a lot to thank modern dentistry for, because treatment by CEREC was just waiting in the wings until the technology came along to allow it to happen. Let’s take the scenario of say, a crown or a veneer is needed or has fallen out- this would normally take at least two weeks, but with CEREC, it’ll take you an hour! When you go into the dentists, you’ll have a number of images and digital x-rays taken that are then fed into a computer that then designs what you need and then feeds everything into a fully automated milling machine that will then make your fitting whilst you are being prepared by the dentist. After that, you fitted with out and if there are any problems, they can be rectified in-house. If you have any questions about CEREC, you should contact Clifton dental for details.