Chepstow Dentist Offers Patients a Guide to Brushing

According to a Chepstow dentist, most people are unaware about the basics of oral hygiene. As a result, they put themselves at risk of tooth decay and bad breath. The dentist offers people a guide to brushing so that they can take care of their teeth and prevent a whole range of dental problems.

There are many mistakes people make when they brush teeth. To start with, they brush at the wrong time and not too often. If teeth are not brushed before a person sleeps, the food particles will remain in the mouth the whole night long. Many people do not brush their teeth for long enough to clean their teeth entirely. They do not use the correct brush strokes to remove all food particles which can therefore lead to tooth decay. The front teeth need to be brushed differently from the molars and many people to not do this correctly due to lack of awareness.

The other mistake that people do while brushing teeth is to be very rough. Brushing teeth too hard can lead to the enamel being worn away. This can cause the tooth to be weakened and will leave it vulnerable to getting cavities. People can also hurt their gums when they brush their teeth too hard.

If you feel that you are not brushing your teeth very well, you should ask your dentist to show you the correct method. This is the best way to ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene at all times.

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