Chepwstow dentist straightens teeth in rapid time with Inman aligner

Orthodontic teeth straightening has come along way since the days of ugly and unseemly metal ‘train track’ braces. Today it is possible to straighten teeth in a fraction of the time, a minimum of discomfort, and this is perhaps the key bit, with a far greater element of discretion.

One of the new breed of braces is called the Inman aligner and it promises visibly straighter teeth in only six-months. This is an incredible 75 per cent faster than the old fixed metal braces. For patients who want to have beautiful straight teeth but don’t fancy the prospect of nearly two years with a mouth full of metal and wires this could be just the answer. This is especially true when you consider that most brace wearers are in their difficult teenage years. Standing out for the crowd can have long-term effects on self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Inman aligner works by using the power of a coiled spring to force the lateral teeth outwards. This creates room for the overcrowded front teeth to move into the space, where a front bar-brace straightens them to the desired position. This metal bar at the front is the only visible part of an otherwise very discreet straightening system.

Patients may feel some discomfort when the brace is initially fitted but this rarely lasts longer than a week and is common to almost all orthodontic straightening devices. After this period the treatment is relatively painless throughout. The Inman aligner is also completely removable meaning that it can be taken out for meal times and also important business or social occasions.

If you have always wanted to have straight teeth but were never that keen on traditional braces, make an appointment to see a Chepstow dentist and ask them about the Inman aligner and the other magnificent advances in brace technology over the last twenty years.

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