Choosing a Dental Implant in Chepstow: Clifton Dental reveals all

Dentistry is a wonderful medium. It cares for your oral health and is there to pick up the pieces if something goes wrong. Tooth loss is a particularly painful thing to go through and this can mentally turn you old over night. Yet you don’t really have to about that any more because the dental implant can get you back on your smiling feet in no time. It’s a treatment that has been around for decades, yet it is only recently that it has been become widespread in dental surgeries everywhere because of the shift in technology. It lacked efficiency and took months to recover from because of the complexity of placing a small titanium root into the jaw was very damaging to the surrounding areas because all the dentists had were drills and scalpels to work with and once in, the gums were then stitched up and this caused terrible trauma to mouth. But it worked, and worked brilliantly. Of course, computer and laser technology has ironed out all the problems of the past and now, you can have implants placed in a day, causing minuscule damage as it’s done. Then the new crown is attached to it and you have a fine new tooth that is strong, free from infection and a root that will last you a lifetime. If you need to know more, then call Clifton Dental, as the can point you in the right direction in Chepstow.