Choosing Cosmetic Bonding in Bristol

If you are looking for something to touch your teeth up with in Bristol and rejuvenate you smile, then you should give Clifton Dental a call and find out about cosmetic bonding, for this just maybe what you’ve been looking for. It is an extremely versatile treatment, designed to iron out and cover up any flaws in your mouth, from old grey fillings to cracks, gaps and worn down teeth; it will also cover up any signs of receding gums. It will probably do it cheaper and faster than most other treatments around as well. So, how about popping along to see your dentist in your lunch break, have it done and then return to work an hour later with sparkling new teeth- that’s how quick it is and why it is so popular. Your dentist will first apply an etching agent in the preparation before laying the first of many layer of resin, colored to match the rest of your teeth, and then cure it with a high intensity heat lamp. This procedure is repeated again and again until there is enough resin to shape your new teeth with. Finally, you are finished off with a polish and that is just about it. You have a startling new look that should last a good five years and if in the meantime, the bonding becomes damaged, then it can be easily be touched up.