Cleaning your teeth with braces in Weston-Super-Mare

If you have been fitted with fixed braces in Weston-Super-Mare, it will take extra vigilance to keep your mouth clean. Braces are a haven for foods to live in and if not removed, can breed bacteria that can lead to all manner of problems. When you have a brace fitted, your dentist will give you advice on how to maintain oral hygiene during this period. Brushing after a meal is important, as is rinsing, but when wearing braces, it’s important to brush correctly and electric brushes tend to be first choice. Complete care toothpastes combine various active ingredients to fight plaque, decay and disease. Interdental brushes can clean between the teeth and around the brackets and wires as can floss threaders. Harmless dyes can highlight plaque and there are special mouth washes that also prevent the build up of plaque. Having a brace is a tricky time mentally, so it would be wise to avoid further complications through poor hygiene.

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