Clifton Dental can help with Zoom tooth whitening in Swindon

Zoom is a tooth whitening technology that lightens discoloured enamel and dentine. Teeth become discoloured due to many reasons. For example, drinking coffee or red wine, and smoking cigarettes will greatly increase the speed at which your teeth begin to discolour and tarnish. However, with Zoom you will be able to remove these stains and regain your beautiful smile.

The active ingredient in Zoom gel is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen as it is broken down and this oxygen enters the enamel and dentine and begins to bleach any coloured stains it comes across. Zoom uses a light to activate hydrogen peroxide and helps the penetration of the surface of the tooth. Zoom whitening is unique as very few technologies involve the enhancement of the gel through LED products.

Once whitened, teeth should always stay lighter than they were before. However with the help of Clifton Dental of Bristol who serves Swindon will tell you that it is essential you take care of your teeth in order to prevent any further discolouration. Brushing your teeth properly is important, as is reducing the amount of coffee and red wine you drink, as these are a culprit of tarnishing. Finally, occasional use of a whitening gel by Enlighten whitening is recommended as this will ensure your teeth remain light and beautiful.