Clifton Dental delivers advice on Mouth-guards in Chepstow

Mouth-guards are an essential way of protecting your mouth from injury; they can help save damage to your teeth from grinding, but they are probably more notable for preventing injury in sports. If you especially play sports that involve contact, you are going to take a whack or two to the mouth and head, which means getting a good mouth-guard is imperative. You could go along to a sports shop and buy the basic models off the shelf; one will be standard, another you can get is put into hot water and mould to your teeth whilst it is still soft. However, if you are very keen about your games and want to continue playing in the future, you should have one specially made up that will not only protect your teeth and gums, but will also absorb bangs and knocks. By doing so, you will be preventing damage to your mouth, your jaws, your head and your neck. This is an important decision to make so get some advice on this in Chepstow; Clifton Dental serves the town and so you should get in touch with them over in Bristol for more information- that’s if you want to carry-on playing the sport you love and avoid paying heavily for treatments to repair any damage that arises.