Clifton Dental explains about Dentures in Bath

It probably isn’t the day that everyone in Bath looks forward to, but the day you have dentures fitted, partial or full, is the day in your imagination that consigns you to being old. Past images of dentures are not good and wearing them can be as shocking and as stifling as getting a jail sentence: they habitually seem to fall out, the only thing you can eat is soups, as food has now become yours and your dentures enemy, and mentally, it will age you as well. That was then but this is now, and those kind of thoughts are so far removed from the reality of modern dentures and insulting to the manufacturers as well: a lot of people have put a lot of thought and time into the design of dentures and the results are pretty astonishing. Today’s dentures look nothing like the ones won at a hoopla stall at a fair in the past. In both partial and full dentures, the materials have become more natural looking, softer for better adherence to the mouth and delicate to wear; the new cements to bond them with have got better and stronger as well. But if you want to see real progress, just take a look at the mini-implant. With a few of these locking your dentures in place, you can throw away the soups and start eating properly again because your dentures are in and they will stay in- they are also here to stay. Get in touch with Bristol’s Clifton Dental if you want to know more about the virtues of modern dentures.