Clifton Dental explains why you should opt for Porcelain Veneers in Chepstow

There are some cosmetic treatments that come and go as technology changes but there are some that have been with us for decades and look to be around for a good few more yet. One such treatment is having a porcelain veneer fitted. This is onto a winner from the start because being made from porcelain; it is a stunningly beautiful material that matches the natural hue of the enamel in teeth. But the veneer is a great concept in its own right: the idea that you can take this tiny, wafer thin slither of porcelain and use it to cover up ageing in the mouth from receding gums to cracks and wear, is truly a remarkable one, but it works fabulously. They are made in a laboratory from a imprint that has been taken of your teeth by your dentist, who would have first prepared them by removing the enamel and once they are done, they are cemented into place and then cured with a lamp and suddenly, you find yourself in the possession of a beautiful new set of fresh, youthful looking teeth. If you fancy a bit of this, then you should contact Clifton Dental up in Bristol, as they serve the Chepstow area, and they can give you all the information you need about porcelain veneers.