Clifton Dental has advice on Cosmetic Bonding in Bristol

One of the problems that patients have about their cosmetic treatments is that they have no real knowledge of what procedures involve and lay all of their trust at the feet of the dentist and hope they come out looking pretty. But it needn’t be that way because Clifton dental of Bristol can walk you through any cosmetic treatments you are considering having. Cosmetic bonding is such a treatment- why have that and not a veneer, which is why you need to know about bonding before you can make an informed choice- like any treatment. There are two things you should know about this procedure- firstly it’s cheap compared to veneers and then it is fast- you can be in and out with beautiful teeth in an hour. A dentist will sit you down and give your teeth a quick clean before looking at the work you need doing. You may just need a chip or crack repaired, or more serious work such as gaps filled, or discolouration removed. In any case, your teeth will then be coated with a first layer of tooth coloured resin and then ‘cured’ with a heat source. This is repeated over and over until the dentist has enough material to work with and then the resin is shaped into the desired look and then highly polished- and that is pretty much that- done. The only pitfalls to bonding is that being resin based, it is susceptible to staining and not very durable, but unlike veneers, if things go wrong, you just pop back for a touch-up.