Clifton Dental of Bristol tells you about CEREC in Chepstow

There are quite a few procedures that have walked through the dentist’s door and taken the surgery by the scruff of the neck in Chepstow and shaken it up, and one especially noticeable treatment is CEREC. This highlights just how beautiful computers and machinery can work in unison to give you the ultimate treatment in no time at all. In the past, having veneers, crowns and even bridges made took time because the fittings had to be sent off to be made in some clandestine laboratory in the country somewhere, so the average time of such procedures would be 2-3 weeks to complete: CEREC has done away with all of this. When you go along to the dentist, digital images are taken of the areas that need work and then fed into a computer with the CEREC program. This analyses the size of the required fitting, designs it and then feeds the information into a milling machine that will make the new fitting before your eyes. This takes around 20 minutes, which of course, allows the dentist time to get you ready, then once made, the fitting is cemented into your mouth. The great advantage of this is that if there is a problem, it can be rectified on the spot. Instead of waiting a couple of weeks, you are done and dusted down in just over the hour! For more information on this wonder treatment, you should call Clifton Dental in Bristol.