Clifton Dental's advice on Enlighten Tooth Whitening in Bath

Great inventions always prove to be quite innocuous at first, but once they are seen for just how good they are, they soon take over the world. Take Enlighten tooth whitening: this product made its name through tooth whitening in the home at a time when DIY bleaching kits were all the rage, however, what set this product aside from others was just how brilliant it was and it soon set the world of dentistry ablaze. You would first be fitted out with two bleaching trays by your dentist and then when you got home, you would fill them with a bleaching agent and then pop them over your teeth before you went to bed- now that is brilliant in itself, bleaching while you sleep that allows you to go about your daily business. Avoiding anything that may stain your teeth, red wine, smoking, caffeine etc., you’d carry out this ritual every night for two weeks before getting a quick blast at the dentists. The results proved spectacular, almost the best you could get from a whitening product, so it wasn’t long before Enlighten branched into all areas of tooth whitening and the results have been monumental. If you want to know more about this product in Bath, you should contact Clifton dental for more information.