Clifton Dental's answer to perfect teeth in Bath- the Porcelain Veneer

People of Bath should be no strangers to porcelain, after all, the Romans left shed loads of the stuff lying around when they finally upped and left. But if you have ever studied it close up and touched it, you will have noticed how beautiful it is and how it gives off an amazing natural hue when light hits it. So, holding that thought in your head for a moment, is that not how your teeth should look and if not, would you like them to? There is no doubt that humans do not age as well as porcelain and that goes for our teeth as well- they can over time become very tired and make you feel the end is around the corner- like the Romans. But help is on hand because there is a gem of a fitting called the porcelain veneer which can invigorate the way you look and smile. This simple, wafer thin fitting has all the natural attributes of porcelain but if you look after it once it is fitted, it will give you great service throughout your life whilst covering up everything that is going wrong in your mouth. The procedure is simple and painless: the dentist must first shave away the enamel on your teeth and then take a mould of what’s left to make the veneers from. This is commonly done in a lab, but in some cases, can be done while you wait. Then, when the fitting is ready, it will be cemented into place on the surface of the teeth, which makes this fragile looking little thing multiply in strength and giving it the durability to confront the forces that go through the mouth on a daily basis. Any further questions you may have about the process should be directed towards Clifton dental, as they will have all the answers.