Comfortable and realistic dentures from Chepstow dentist replaces missing teeth

Losing some or all of your teeth can be a painful and embarrassing experience. Whether it is due to a dental trauma or simply the result of tooth decay, it is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. One option is to have dentures or a partial denture fitted by a Chepstow dentist. Although dentures will take some getting used to and can never compare to real teeth, modern dentures are more lifelike and comfortable than ever and are a more than sufficient replacement for your original teeth. A well-fitting set of modern dentures should not prevent you from doing anything you could ordinarily do with a set of real teeth.

Dentures work by using a flesh-coloured acrylic palate base that sits over your gums. Attached to the palate is a row of realistic and healthy looking artificial teeth. Each set of dentures will be custom made according to moulds taken of your gums and manufactured in a dental laboratory. A well-made set of dentures should fit comfortably around the gums and be held in place by suction alone. Patients with ill-fitting dentures often resort to using denture adhesive gels and strips to secure their dentures, but these can often be messy and frankly more fuss than they are worth.

It is important if you do wear dentures to have them regularly relined and rebased to fit the changing structure of your gum tissue. Loose fitting dentures can cause painful and damaging gum erosion that cannot be reversed. It is also important to take good care of your dentures to increase their lifespan.

Having to wear dentures may not be the ideal situation, but with the appropriate dental advice, care and treatment a set of dentures can be just as effective and comfortable as real teeth.

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