Concerned Dentist in Bristol Warns Patients About the Problem of Persistently Bleeding Gums

It is not normal for your gums to bleed. Be careful not to cause trauma to them when you floss and brush. If your gums are bleeding regularly, you may be suffering from gum disease. Bleeding gums typically indicate gingivitis and you should consult your dentist in Bristol as soon as possible before complications arise. Gingivitis is often caused by dental plaque and begins with inflammation of the gums, making your gums very red and tender. Your gums will bleed, especially when you clean your teeth. While you may not be feeling any pain, your gums are infected and need to be treated straight away. Gum disease also has a symptom called halitosis. Halitosis most unfortunately results in persistent bad breath that is extremely embarrassing for you. If ignored, your gingivitis will worsen into peridontitis. With peridontitis, the infection spreads to the connective tissues of your teeth and the core of your teeth. This will loosen your teeth from your gums and will inevitably lead to the loss of your natural teeth. The earlier gum disease is diagnosed, the easier and less costly treatment will be for you. When caught and treated early enough, your dentist will be able to preserve your teeth and restore your gums. Please do not ignore the serious problem of bleeding gums just because you feel no pain.