Cure gum disease with help from Weston-Super-Mare dentists

For too many people, looking after their gums is just an afterthought. The evidence of this is the high rates of gum disease that there are amongst United Kingdom adults. But taking care of your gums should be just as important as looking after your teeth. It is not difficult to do so but failure to carry it out properly can lead to patients actually losing teeth.

Your gums are a vital part of your mouth, a sensitive tissue which helps to hold your teeth in place effectively. They can become diseased if there is too much plaque in the mouth and it is not adequately removed. Just as plaque makes teeth decay by wearing down the enamel, it makes gums become inflamed.

You can spot the signs of basic gum disease – your dentist might call it gingivitis – easily. Your gums ought to be a nice, healthy shade of pink but if they are starting to become inflamed they will be noticeably redder. You can look out for this is the mirror when you are brushing your teeth. You may also find that your mouth is generally more sensitive to hold or cold food and drink like tea or ice cream.

The key to taking great care of your gums is not just to brush your teeth well but also to floss. Plaque just loves to hide between your teeth and if it is left on the gum line it will eventually lead to gingivitis. Go and see your Weston-Super-Mare dentist every six months too so that they can keep a close eye on how your teeth and gums are doing. Treating gum disease in the early stages is usually quick and easy.