Daily dental hygiene and why it’s important: get advice from Swindon dentists

Your mouth is a finely tuned composite of different parts which are meant to work in tandem, allowing you to eat, drink and talk free from discomfort. Visiting your local dental professional every six months for a thorough check up is of course very important in keeping your mouth healthy but good oral hygiene begins at home and how you take care of your teeth there. By looking after your teeth effectively you will be avoiding nasty oral diseases and the need for invasive treatment.

A good start is to make sure that you are brushing and flossing in the correct fashion. Brushing should take place at least twice a day to remove plaque from the teeth so that it cannot begin to attack your enamel. You should be brushing for around three minutes and take in the whole mouth. Floss as well as plaque and debris can easily be missed as it lurks between the teeth.

Your diet is also important for your oral hygiene. Eating too many sugary and starchy foods produces more plaque for your mouth to deal with and you may find that cavities begin to develop. Smoking tobacco decreases the production of saliva – a natural defence against plaque – so is best avoided. The same can be said of excess alcohol consumption as it can lead to oral cancer.

Be vigilant about your mouth and look out for warning signs such as extra sensitivity when you are eating, reddening and bleeding gums, bad breath and odd tastes in the mouth. These can all be signs that there is a problem in your mouth and they are worth reporting to your dentist. Speak to your Swindon dentist next time you see them to get more expert advice on your daily dental hygiene routine.