Daily Dental Hygiene- Why It’s Important in Bristol

Yes, I know you had a fantastic night out in Bristol and though you’ve woken up with a bit of a hangover, you’ve a pocket full of phone numbers; life’s fabulous! Now go and clean your teeth, because now you’re on a roll, you want to keep it going don’t you? Clean, healthy teeth are the first thing another person sees when you open your mouth; they almost reflect the confidence that streams out from within you. Now it’s important to keep it that way for that reason alone. But a regular floss, brush and mouth wash each day is the driving force behind maintaining a healthy mouth and lifestyle and most importantly, your overall health. Even if you miss one brush and have forgotten to remove the residue of food from the night before, bacteria can set in very quickly. If this is allowed to develop, plaque forms on the teeth and tartar builds up. Then you can start to have problems with your gums; they might bleed and weep. Next stop is tooth decay, eventually tooth loss and a second mortgage to put it all right. Not so pretty now, are you? Dentists can only try to rectify what’s put in front of them- they will do their best, but it’s down to you to do the legwork and keep up with a regular regime of oral hygiene; it should almost be automatic.