Dare you duck a Dental Check-up in Bath?

A lot of people may well question the need for repetitive dental check-ups in Bath because all the products on the market promise to protect you from problems such as plaque- well they don’t promise anything of the sort and to sit there after cleaning your teeth and think ‘job done’ is sheer bloody minded ignorance. Bad things multiply very quickly in the mouth, things that you can’t see and you will only realise this when you have pains shooting through your teeth; a dentist would be able to have spotted this had you bothered to go for a check-up- and then fixed it. The point of a dental check-up is to ensure your mouth is operating properly, and that there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease setting in. The dentist can then clean your teeth, removing any tartar form around the base of the teeth and gums, and then give you a polish before you leave. But if you were to ask anyone at Clifton dental, this isn’t just how you should see a dental check-up. You don’t see your dentist that often so this is the time to talk about any concerns that you may have concerning your mouth; talk about oral hygiene, talk about cosmetic dentistry- this is the time to get things off your chest and if they are seriously worrying you, don’t just wait for your next check-up, get in straight away- after all, it’s your oral health that is on the line.