Dental implants in Bristol

If you’ve had the bad luck of losing a tooth recently in Bristol, you may like to replace it. If you’ve had extremely bad luck and lost all your teeth, for whatever reason, the thought of having dentures could mentally age you by twenty years. But if you’ve got a few quid hidden in the mattress at home or can set up a dental payment plan, you maybe seriously wise to consider having implants. Implant prices, traditionally high, are staring to fall as the technology improves- prices can start from as little as £1000 per implant. The basic theory behind an implant hasn’t changed since it was first developed- a titanium fixing, screwed into the bone, to which a new tooth, denture or bridge can be attached to. But implant surgery has become precise and refined, utilising computer technology and modern healing processes, and these combinations are making the choice of implants very attractive. The whole procedure of having an implant can take as little as 4 months to complete, depending on how quickly you heal and with mini implants that are used to anchor bridges and dentures, the treatment can be completed in the same day; once the implant is in and healed, they are considered as strong as the original root and the overall finish is one of Hollywood proportions.

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