Dental pain relief from Gloucester dentist

Dental pain can come in many forms, with the most obvious being toothache, but it can also be caused by gum disease, bite and jaw misalignment and sensitive teeth. The best way to avoid all kinds of dental pain is of course to keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing and flossing regularly and keeping up six-monthly appointment with your dentist.

Most dental pains are caused by problems arising from poor dental hygiene. Toothache arises because a dental cavity has penetrated to the central chamber of a tooth and become infected. The infection then begins to attack the very sensitive dental nerve causing pain. Infected teeth can also lead to painful tooth abscesses. These abscesses arise when the body tries to fight the infection by bombarding it with white blood cells. Both infected teeth and abscesses are very painful and susceptible to extremes of temperature. They can both be prevented by brushing and flossing because this removes the bacteria rich substance called plaque that causes dental erosion in the first place.

Dental pain associated with bite is usually cause by teeth moving around and leaning within the dental arc. This is often caused by a missing tooth due to decay or dental trauma. Dentists can treat this pain by fitting mouth guards or other appliances to prevent teeth grinding or bite adjustment.

Whatever kind of dental pain you are suffering it can usually be treated with over-the-counter pain relief but it is always necessary to have your teeth examined by a dentist first. Some tooth infections and gum diseases require antibiotics or even surgery. If you are suffering from dental pain, make an appointment to see a Gloucester dentist and have a thorough check up. Dental pain can be treated but it is more effective to prevent the causes of dental pain far in advance.

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