Dental veneers against teeth whitening methods in Swindon

If you’re thinking of rekindling the smile you once had in Swindon, there are a lot of options on the market to choose from. Your choice depends on the condition of your teeth. If your teeth are in good condition but suffer from minor staining, chances are that a simple visit to the dentist or a hygienist will be enough to restore their look. But over time, teeth can suffer from deep staining that requires more radical treatments. Good teeth can benefit from simple whitening treatments. The cheapest are the home bleaching kits, from the ones that are available over the counter, to specially designed treatments that involve consultation with the dentist, such as Enlighten treatments, that utilise specially made trays for use at home. Following on from these are laser bleaching techniques, again, reasonably cheap, quick and available at the dentists. However, bleaching will not cover up chips, cracks or gaps. Hence, if you suffer from any of these, it may be time to consider veneers. Having a veneer is as simple as bleaching, though it does involve a couple of visits to the dentist for mouldings to be taken before the veneer can be manufactured and then fitted. The beauty of a veneer is it can be colour-toned to match the surrounding teeth, meaning that if only a single tooth requires treatment, then the rest of the teeth can left alone, unlike bleaching that involves all of the teeth. In the end, it depends on the treatment you require and how much you are prepared to pay and a consultation with your dentist should be enough to put your mind at rest and make your choice.

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