Dental veneers from Chepstow dentists create stunning smiles

Feeling ashamed or embarrassed about any aspect of your personal appearance can knock your self-esteem and make social situations awkward. Given that your smile is often the first thing that people see, it is important that you get a long lasting solution to any issues you have with the appearance of your teeth.

The veneers which Chepstow dentists now offer can restore the natural look of your teeth in a simple procedure and, once fixed, can be cared for like normal teeth. They can be made from ceramics, composite bonding materials or porcelain for the best results and fit neatly over your stained, crooked or damaged teeth.

If you opt for porcelain veneers they can be designed and fitted in just one afternoon. They are often described as contact lenses for teeth because they are so incredibly thin. This means that hardly any work is required to attach them. In fact, the advent of CEREC technology means that your new dental veneer can be fabricated in just over five minutes. Your dentist will take a digital image of your affected teeth which is sent to an online milling factory which will craft the veneer while you wait.

Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned by your dentist, an etching agent is applied to ensure that the dental bonding has maximum grip to the existing teeth. Once the veneer is attached, you will be amazed at how natural it looks. Your dentist is able to match the veneer to your existing teeth in terms of colour, texture and even translucence.

Ask your Chepstow dentist today about how veneers can put an end to your embarrassing crooked, stained or damaged teeth.

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